Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fun- My 2nd GIVE-Art-WAY!!

This is NOT April Fool! It's April Fun! Woo hooooo!

First, have a look at this video:

Tee hee hee.. Do you think this is quite a silly contest? Well, I really thought this would be fun- to have a name for the birdie and for me to see how creative people can be with name giving :).
Are you interested to join the fun?? Nothing to lose, really :)..
Plus I'm in the mood to give something artful away as a token of appreciation to my readers. Yay!!!

Well, my bee went outstation and brought me home this cute birdie last week. I really love it! At a clap or any loud sound, it will sing its heart out! My nephews and nieces would love this. They have yet seen this cool bird! I hope they won't wish to see it flies, though.

So, my friends... what I need you to do is-

1) suggest a cool NAME for my Birdie :)
2) tell me why you suggest that name :), I'd love to hear what you have to say.
3) you may use the contest badge below to announce at your blog or FB.. but if you don't have either of them, just join in the fun. No problem!
4) Don't forget to leave your name & blog (if you have)/ email , OK?

Everyone can participate this contest- locally or abroad. If you win, my Gifts will find their way to your doorsteps soon!

(smaller png version)

Contest starts from today until 15th April 2011
Yup. Only 2 weeks!

My Gifts?

Well, let me just say.. there'll be a bunch of MYSTERIOUS Artful stuff! Hua ha haaaa!
Ok ok ok.. I'll post about my Gifts sometime later, alrite?

Good Luck, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Baby,

ze bird's name is: jumpy.


DoodleDesign said...

"Jumpy"? why...? die wat orang terkezut ker?

lily lotus said...

cantiknya all ur designs :)

DoodleDesign said...

hi lily! timakseh datang terjah :)

en_me said...

rajinnyer wat contestt.. ihiks

toyolkiut said...

i like..

Anak Cik Mendan said...

winky~.. coz kalo tgk burung kiut ni, mst akn tersenyum *wink wink*... =)

Anonymous said...

Yati, my two boys did not agree to each other, so I have two entries: 1) Azim: *honey guide* because it sings so beautifully like the African honey guide. 2) Azlan - *tweeter* because it tweets so much that I'll name it tweeter. Ok, tu je lah Yati... saja nak memeriahkan contest Yati ni... hehe..

DoodleDesign said...

en_me & TK- naper tak suggest nama? hehee.. Thanks 4 dropping byyy!

ACM- kiut gak nama tu..tee hee hee. *wink balik ;)

toyolkiut said...

brid-brid (sebut betul2 tau)
sebab ia dr pkataan bird jg, cuma d eja tunggang langgang sikit..
adik TK slalu panggil mcm ni pada burung2 kt umah..
sweet je bunyi nye..

DoodleDesign said...

hihii.. lawak la TK nie..
mmg 'tiut' juger nama tu.

chilly~ said...

hmm...last week ade terjumpe injured bird.just named it cip-cip..tapi sedihnye 2 ari lepas tu, cip-cip dah mati..

chilly~ said...

nak kuar topik ade sent check ek.plzz.hehe.tq

DoodleDesign said...

"cip-cip" dari chilly.. hihi.. ok ok thanks!

kalerpalette said...

Ola sis,

boleh join contest ni lagi?

Nickname : Gaga
Full name: Birdy Gaga


DoodleDesign said...

boleh boleh..hahaa..

aly said...

sis, nak join!

saya bagi nama dia, cici.
sebab bird kan bunyi cip cip

DoodleDesign said...

Cici!!! Okey.. thankieuuu Aly :)

kakaloika said...

et ley lgi ke nk masuk kontest ni?

name: chickeboo
nama pendek: chick2
reasons: chick n gebu..hehe =p
haha cam lawak lak..
ni idea y xterlintas dari kitrg..hehe
thank you..:)


DoodleDesign said...

ley ley.. still got time maa! hihi
thanks kakaloika!

Rossyai said...

Saya ada idea !!

Name ; HUHU
reason ; i love somthing unic. so bile u panggil ur pet nama yang pelik, people akan pelik. u panggil sape tu and mereka mesti nak tahu, Why u give that kind of name. hee
Lagipon, HUHU bile u panggil, die macam ade redom. Huhuuuuu.....
sesuai utk burung. ;)

yes. i like Huhu. haha

okeyh bye.

btw my email


DoodleDesign said...

huhu.. awak ni klakarlah :D
sememangnya pelik nama tu.. kreatif juga sbenarnya.. hehee..
malangnya contest dah abess.. huhuuuuuu..

timakaseh eh..

Nisa' Azman said...

ala..xsmpat join.. br je tau psl ga nie ar nie, huhu~.. T_T sdihnye..

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