Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nice Date.

No wonder I heard so many people choose to have their wedding today. The date is very nice, huh?

But I think, my wedding anniversary date next year will be even more be more beautiful... 121212!!! Yay!

Talking about anniversary, I have just finished two pieces of Couple Caricatures that are meant as belated gifts from a loving sister, Ella... to two of her older sisters' anniversary this year. Thanks for your order Ella dearie!

I'm pretty sure they'll treasure these gifts in their house of love.

Have a good one, everyone :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Anniversary Wish!

I would like to share here... a 'quick' digital sketch that I did to wish a Happy 19th Anniversary to a loving couple, using the pen tablet.

Have a good one, everybody.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Funny Ol' Bee!

"Happy Birthday, dearest Bee!"

Forty four years ago, my hubby was born into this world. He sure has tasted salt so much earlier than me. Ha!

How can you not tolerate and love a man who could laugh at himself and appreciate the simple things in life...?

For that, I made a fun, simple and special Birthday Card just for him :) ...

Pencil Colors & Ink on Art Card.

... in case you're wondering- that's a BAG hanging around his neck.
A new travelling bag he just bought  for more of his adventures (...and misadventures!) into this wondrous world.

The Card reaaaally made his day even more Special. He loves it so much!

And that makes me very happy :).

Saturday, November 12, 2011

IF: Silent

There was a girl with a silent smile...
she has ears but cannot hear...
she has beautiful lips but cannot talk.
But she understands a smile...
that could melt a world of worry...
that could brighten the gloomy deep sea.


I'm still playing around with my toy- wacom Bamboo. It's really fun to just draw freely with the pen tablet directly into Photoshop and do all the digital coloring. Saved me the time to scan and color :).

The artwork above was one of my many drawing practices using the Bamboo Fun. I love how I could almost get the pencil strokes just like it's on a piece of paper! 

When I saw the Illustration Friday's theme this week. I thought of this particular sketch.
And I'm thinking of submitting it to Diana's Sweet Saturday too because the character is a sweet looking girl :).

There's something about her smile that speaks a thousand words... yet all you can hear is... silence.

Have a Nice weekend, everyone... wherever you are.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Have a Blessed Aidil Adha...

The weather was beautiful and just nice for us to celebrate Hari Raya AildilAdha, yesterday morning. I'm so happy to be given the chance to take a little part in the korban/'sacrifice' this year.

So, I went to the surau nearby to watch one of Aidil Adha's main highlights... done since centuries ago to commemorate the willingness of prophet Abraham (Nabi Ibrahim) to sacrifice his son Ismail as an act of obedience to God... before His Almighty replaced the sacrifice with a sheep instead.

By the end of the day, the generous people helping in the surau Nur Hidayah, USJ 9 also cooked a huge pot of delicious beef soup for the neighborhood to enjoy. Alhamdulillah... what a blessing to experience this even though we are living in the city.

I hope you had a good one too :).

"...copied from ZazaKz's FB status... from... Wardina Safiyyah OfficialPage:

Many years ago, our father Ibrahim (AS) made a choice. He loved his son. But He loved God more. The commandment came to sacrifice his son. But it wasn't his son that was slaughtered. It was his attachment. It was his attachment to anything that could compete with his love for God. And the beauty of such a sacrifice is this: Once you let go of your attachment, what you love is given back to you--now in a purer, better form. So let us ask ourselves in these beautiful days of sacrifice, which attachments do we need to slaughter? - Yasmin Mogahed "

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sweet & Happy Couple!

I know...
it's been quite a while.
But I know from time to time, some people still drop by and leave their marks as "followers"... if not leaving some comments to cheer up my days... which I can't thank you enough.

Just need a lot of rest due to this pregnancy (Thanks to my baby :).
- almost 4 months now. Phew!

But I really, really want to thank this client of mine too- for patiently waiting for her order (it took me quite a while to do it ). May Allah bless.. BOTH of you... with happiness in life and beyond, June.

Take care.


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