Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Basket of Durian

Life is like... a basket of durian. U never know what u r going to get.

Couple of nights ago, I went ahead and ate some durians. For RM9, you can eat until you're full. ERgh. Out of seven durians, only one tasted really good. Oh well, at least I had some for this year's season. You never know if you'll do the same again in the coming years. So why not stuffed a few and experienced the consequences that came with it? Yeah.. only people who eat durian can tell you about it. As long as you don't take a panadol after durian consumption, God willing, you'll survive the next day.

Like the basket of durian, I'm reminded of life.

Some people are lucky. They know who they are. They also know what they want in life. Sometimes, some people thought they knew who they were and what they wanted in life... and suddenly, something changed. All the things they had planned for their life took a wrong or a different turn. Then they realized that maybe what they wanted in life was not the same anymore. That'll be the day when a doctor became a farmer... or a geologist became a writer.. or an ordinary housewife became a powerful politician... etc.

What do you want in life?.
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