Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jasmine 2nd BDay & GA#3 last Day!

My cutest niece, Jasmine had a blast at her 2nd B-Day party last Sunday.

Photo courtesy of Jasmine's Mom, Ida.
 Check out the cake by Marlynn's- indeed Deliciously Beautiful!
She sculpted every bits with her homemade Marshmallow Fondant. Yummyyyy!!!

I made her a Birthday Wish Card, of course!

A bit of Glitters for the Angry Bird's Hat :)

Watercolor & Ink on Watercolor Paper.

A nice touch to my otherwise terrible wrapping skill. Haha..

Now, about my Giveaway #3 Challenge... Here's the official list I have so far, but still open till midnite:

1. codex
2. Artventurekids
3. BlackPumpkin
4. Diana Evans
5. Ildiko
6. Fairuz Hamizah
7. KimiChee
8. Noor Shahida Rosli

Anyone else is up to the Challenge?

Have fun!

Monday, January 30, 2012

About A Woman...

Just doodling around on a piece of recycled paper this morning using my Artline.
A good exercise for my old drawing hand...

Have a Nice Monday, everyone.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

LOVE is...

... as Love does.

Okey... I just came up with that one, really. Does it make any sense to you?

I would like to thank my sweet client, Ira who is blogging at ceriteracinta2002.blogspot.com and has reviewed a bit on DoodleDesign. 

I really enjoyed making the cartoons for her Love Book called "Ceritera Cinta" and if you go to her blog, you could see that this was the third one she created about her stories and views on Love. All based on her own feelings dedicated to her loved one. Awwww...

Now, let me give you a peek on the one that I made for her through this animated window:

Wordings by my client, Ira from ceriteracinta2002.blogspot.com... and illustrated & animated by me :)

When I was first approached by Ira to draw the cartoons, I thought she might have compiled the "Love is..." from Kim Casali, one of my favorite cartoonists (late 1960s). But no... it was very coincidence as she has written this before she knew about Kim's famous works!

Love is.jpg

So, you see... that's how powerful LOVE is...;
      you could create something really great when it truly comes from your heart :).

Keep blogging, Ira. I hope your all dreams will come true and all the best with your wedding plans and preparations.

Love is…
Love is... #58 (1995)
not asking how much her new dress cost.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Exchanging Art!

About two weeks ago, I've decided to join in the Art Exchange at Kak Emila's Blog which required one to make and exchange an Original Hand Drawn/ Painted Postcard with her own. So HAPPY that  I've received it safely last Friday :). What a lovely postcard... It's a very neat & clean work... simple, with the use of the monotone color.

In exchange, I'll post her the one I painted recently. Also using watercolor and ink as the medium. The lady riding the Dragon was supposed to be kak Emi... Hehehee. 

This whole week, Malaysians- particularly of Chinese descendants will be in the mood of Celebrating the Lunar New Year. Another long 'break' after the looong school break at the end of last year. Kids, you have no idea how lucky you're, living in Malaysia :).

Here's a work from my nephew, Amin (7 yrs old)... wishing Happy Chinese New Year with a Dragon which seems to be struck by a lightning and some Angry Birds with different and quite weird activities around the House. He said he wants to sell this for RM25.80 (seriously!). Anyone interested, please get in touch with me. Heee..

Have Fun.

And owh... Forget NOT my GA#3 Challenge is still going on until end of January! Don't be shy... Come & JOIN in the fun :).

Thursday, January 19, 2012

UPDATES on my GiveAway#3...

Enjoy this video I took while the bird was building it's small yet amazing nest!

By the way, I feel sorry for taking my time to update my blog early this year due to some personal reasons.

The truth? hahahaaa...
Already then...

perhaps I should give you a peek to the GA Prizes!

As I mentioned before, we will have 5 lucky winners. They will receive...

 2 Pelikan pens each!
1 Black&White Digital Caricature each too!

We still have time till the end of month... why don't you give a TRY just for the FUN of it? 

 ENTER the Challenge NOW! 

Look who have taken up the GA Challenge so far- Thanks you guys :D ! Such a sport.

1. codex
2. Artventurekids
3. BlackPumpkin
4. Diana Evans
5. Ildiko
6. Fairuz Hamizah
7. KimiChee

P/S: Entry with no "thought bubble" will be disqualified... so don't forget about it, alrite?

Have fun!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

DoodleDesign's GIVEAWAY#3 CHALLENGE of 2012!

Well, well, well... what do you know? Can you believe this is my 250th post? Because I'm not much of a blogger, this is somewhat an achievement for me. Hehehee.

I guess it's TIME.

Time for another DoodleDesign GIVEAWAY!!! The 3rd one, to be exact.

I'm not good at making a sticky post. I'm just going to make this a FUN, Creative Giveaway with a little CHALLENGE!

But let me start with a little story....

While I was pregnant for the first time in the Year 2008, I noticed a little bird was building a nest right outside my younger sister's bedroom windows. And when I gave birth to a stillborn child, later in early 2009... I saw it started feeding its chick. Looking at them during my confinement days brought a little comfort to my sadness... until one day, for an unknown reason, I saw the baby bird dangling from the nest... dead. After a long while, none of us ever seen the little bird builds a nest again.

Surprisingly, towards the end of last year... and yes, at the time when I've already found out I was pregnant again, the little bird came again- to the very same spot!!! Was it the same bird or different? No one could tell for it looks exactly as the same one that came by before.

So this little bird which I always thought as a Hummingbird or burung kelicap... is actually known as the Brown/ Plain-throated Sunbird. Watching it building its nest is really like a mini National Geographic experience (a live one!). This time, I managed to capture the nest building progress as I came by the house from time to time. I've also taken a short video when it was busy coming and going to the nest. Perhaps, I could share that later in my next post.

For now, let's see some shots and please bear in mind that by the end of these pictures, you'll have the chance to enter my GIVEAWAY CHALLENGE! :)


Under this post's COMMENTS box, please give me:

I) Your Name:
II) Your Website and/ or E-mail:
III) Your creative idea for the blank "thought bubble" 
(in Bahasa Malaysia/ English):

< OPEN TO ALL- Local & Abroad >

A few nice, SURPRISE gifts for 5 WINNERS!!!
Will announce about the prizes a bit later, k?

End of January 2012.

In the meantime, just give it a thought... hehehe.. this is really just for fun. No pressure.
Who knows, you could be LUCKY..?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Freebie_Wallpaper January 2012!

Click on the image to Download and set as a Wallpaper on your screen :)
Hello there!

Yup. I'm still alive and kicking (...well, a lot of kicking mostly come from the little one in my tummy, actually). 

Alhamdulillah... I'm well into almost 6 months of pregnancy now.
Phew! Moms out there- you know how it is... Changes are inevitable throughout your body. When your 'catwalk' turns into a 'waddle'... ahhh... it's going to be a bit of a downhill from here on. I guess, it's a good time as any to reflect what our Mother has gone through after all these years.

Anyhow, I'm so thankful to His Almighty. Not only for giving me the chance to see another light of the day, but also to keep on moving forward with my own life... and family.

I have mixed feelings entering the New Year. Perhaps it's normal... perhaps it's hormonal. I just want to keep on praying that my baby will be all right and have a healthy delivery in early May 2012. 

Well, there's so much to do and to look forward to. Life has so much to offer as long as you're breathing.

My younger sister is getting married- also in May 2012... but towards the end. Most probably, I'll still be in confinement but hopefully, I'll be well enough to witness her ceremony with my little one :). InsyaAllah.

Oh yes! At the very end of 2011, I have created two B'day Cards- to my nephew, Shaqeel (4 years old) and his cousin, Myrra (10 years old). I would like to share them with you here before I forgot...

Why no colors? Because they're supposed to color these by themselves! Yayyy!! I know Myrra loves coloring. She really appreciated the Card. As for Shaqeel, he only cared about the awesome gifts he received from everyone. Huhuu...

As you can see earlier in this post, I've made a Wallpaper Doodle as a January freebie. I plan to this every month :)). InsyaAllah.

Another thing is... I'm in the mood to make a GIVEAWAY soon. Hmmm... but I'm thinking more about a COMPETITION of some sort. Stay tuned, alright? 

Have a good day/ nite!

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