Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Doodle T-shirts

Haven't been blogging for a while... Just been busy with a few projects. And one of them was messing around with an already messed up t-shirt of my bee. He thought I would cover the stain on the shirt but I kept it that way to remind him of how messy he could be when he was eating. Haha..

"..Ulat bulu naik dauuuunn...."
It's fun to draw on T-Shirt. It would be one of a kind because you can't possibly duplicate the exact creation on another shirt. So, this is another idea for an exclusive gift for someone you care about. Let me show another 2 shirts I've done before.. well, I've done more than these 3 t-shirts but I couldn't find any pix of those I've sold or given away.

 Well, that's all for now. Enjoy ur doodly day.
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