Monday, April 29, 2013

Lazy Monday...

Well, it's OK to be lazy when you're a baby spider.

Did I tell you about the cake I made for Zain on his 1st Birthday? 
Truth be told, I was super proud of it... 
and the fact that it was the first cake I've ever done in my life...
made it extra special even though ermmm.. I didn't really 'bake' it ;P.

Wanna see how the cake looked like?

Now, the first tier consisted of fresh fruits and the second tier was a steamed banana raisin cake!
I got the recipe from here after surveying quite a number of steamed cake recipes on the net.
It tasted really good and Zain finished it in one go!

Making the cake was an exciting experience for me.
I'm looking forward for many more memorable experiences with Zain in my life :).

Have a sweet Monday...even if you feel a bit lazy, ok?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Homemade Flash Cards (No.1-10)

With 2 black pens, a set of pencil colors, a few A4 papers and a lamination machine... (plus a few good quiet nights), I managed to finish the Flash Cards I've been meaning to create for baby Zain since he entered 10 months old.
Now he only has 9 days to go before turning 1 year old! Hmmm...

By now, I think he recognized quite a few things already but he could not articulate anything much just yet.
I'm still waiting for the magical moment when he could call me "Ummi". Owhh.. 
At the moment, I just have to be settled with a loud "Aaaa!", when he's calling for me. Otherwise, just a loud "Waaaaaargh!" (crying his heart out).

When I (excitedly) showed these Flash Cards to Zain, he was quite interested to see all the colors and fun cartoons on them. So, I take it that the Flash Cards did catch his attention. Good Boy! hehe..

But a few seconds after that, he wanted to come down from the bed. 

So, I put him and the Flash Cards down on the floor then.


With one Card ended up under his butt... and him trying to fold another a while later, I'm not sure if this boy will be able to learn his numbers that soon.

It's OK son, take your time...

You can be a genius at other things in life, perhaps? Heh.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Apple Rain_ April Calendar freebie

Here's the free calendar for your personal usage this month.

Click and Download to your Desktop

APRIL is EXTRA special to me and bee as our baby boy turned 1 year old on the 25th!
How time flies.

Zain, you're really the Apple of my eye...
I love you sooo... much!

Last week, I tried my hands at baking -- baby homemade shortbread! You can find the fabulous recipe HERE. I go to this blog so many times already since Zain could eat solid foods! Thanks, Maghfarah.

And it really helps for a lousy cook like me to join HSFFYB (FB Homemade Solid Food For Your Baby) gang! You'll find yourself at awe with great-healthy recipes and food infos for your kids that mothers are sharing over there.

Almost overcooked them since I'm just using (testing the 1st attempt with...) my ol' tiny oven toaster. But most importantly, baby Zain loves the Kurma Bread Man and Apple Cinnamon Sticks (that's what I call them)! Hehee...sounds good, huh?

Yum Yum Yummy...
(well, i don't have much choice, anyway)

Man, I feel like I've achieved so much within this one year of Zain's life... especially in discovering more about cooking and choosing food for babies. I'm also learning so much about taking care of someone else who's totally depending on me in so many ways.

I almost get my Degree in Breastfeeding and really hope I could reach my PhD target next year! Really glad I was introduced to KIM (FB Kumpulan Ibu-Ibu Menyusukan Anak) because I learned so much about breastfeeding from them!

For me, the most important thing about breastfeeding is... You must be mentally prepared for it and ready for everything that comes with it. It will be more challenging for working Mothers (9am-5pm)... and I really respect those who are able to do this while busy handling office works, driving on the road everyday and taking care more than one kids at the same time (without maids/ helpers at home)!

I'm just thankful that I've the chance to watch Zain grows while working from home for now.

And by the way, DIET can take a backseat for a while when you're breastfeeding but if you're genetically lucky, you won't get FAT!

Well, I'm almosssst lucky.
Some fats are here to stay. Huhuu...

Enjoy and Take Care.

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