Monday, April 29, 2013

Lazy Monday...

Well, it's OK to be lazy when you're a baby spider.

Did I tell you about the cake I made for Zain on his 1st Birthday? 
Truth be told, I was super proud of it... 
and the fact that it was the first cake I've ever done in my life...
made it extra special even though ermmm.. I didn't really 'bake' it ;P.

Wanna see how the cake looked like?

Now, the first tier consisted of fresh fruits and the second tier was a steamed banana raisin cake!
I got the recipe from here after surveying quite a number of steamed cake recipes on the net.
It tasted really good and Zain finished it in one go!

Making the cake was an exciting experience for me.
I'm looking forward for many more memorable experiences with Zain in my life :).

Have a sweet Monday...even if you feel a bit lazy, ok?

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