Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kissed.. Sealed.. Delivered..

Just a short one before it escapes my mind (or I got lazy again- heh) , I'd like to present my finished project of the Custom Designed Wedding Card which I've recorded the progress in this blog.

The ribbon was my client's Mom's idea and she looked happy with the finished products. I pray the wedding will go on well and smoothly for the sweet and wonderful family :). Have a great & happy one, Ida.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Want Colors!!!

Oowhh.. Sorry blog. I've abandoned you for a while.

I was busy... attending to my own mood swings and whimpers of trying to find some new inspirations for new paintings while doing a couple of projects in hand. And then.. I was also not so sure what to talk about. But my thoughts was full of playful bursting colors. I wanted to be more colorful and I do need some cheerful evidence to my fateful life. 'Want'ing is one thing...but making it happened is another story. Perhaps, I had the tendency to play it safe... and didn't express myself enough. Huu..

So, I came up with an idea. I wanted to make as many 4x6inches cards as possible with series of fun lookin' cartoons or illustrations. As with many skills in life, coloring also needs practice.. yes, even for a seasoned artist.

Here's a few that I've created to get the bursting colors out of my head. Medium- watercolor & marker pen on watercolor paper:

Enjoy...and there'll be more to come. (Wish me luck! Hihi..)

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Cartoonist in Me..

Aaah.. Over a cup of smooth frothin' coffee that I made myself one evening, I was looking at some old collections of my cartoon drawings.
Hehe.. I was smiling alone yet again.
I used to dream of becoming a cartoonist when I was in primary school. Those times, Gila-Gila was one of the most well-known humor magazine- just like MAD. Ujang, Jaafar Taib, Rejabhad, Ambo, Nud's, Asan, Cabai, not forgetting LAT... (just to name a few), were among my favorite cartoonists. It was not until after Form 5 (aged 17) that I had the chance to take a bus to Bangsar and searched for Creative Enterprise, the publisher and met the people behind the cartoons. I dragged along my brother Ali who was about 12 at that time, to accompany my little trip. He was crazy about the magazine as well.

Way back when I was 12, I actually created a so-called magazine out of my Exercise Book called SENYUM SENGEH ( translated as SMILE2x?). Unfortunately, I lost the few issues of my own magazines due to my family moving from one place to another over the years. My brother still remember the book. He said he actually copied one and sold to his friend! CHEH!! Too late for me to chase him around the house, I guess.

Anyway, back to my trip to the magazine's office- both of us (my bro & me) were quite excited meeting the cartoonist. They were friendly and funny.. and we even received a few souvenirs from them like a sketchbook with their signatures and a few of them sketched our caricatures in it too. Allahyarham Rejabhad asked me if I wanted to join his "Cartoon Workshop" during weekends? Duh, of course I wanted to join. A few months later, my first cartoon strip was printed in the magazine in New Talent's corner. A few more strips were approved and printed in the next month. A few months later also, I was offered to study abroad in Advertising. To cut a short story even shorter, I took up the offer and never returned to Creative Enterprise again.

But after all the years, I still love cartooning. That's all I have to say about that..

I'd like to make a note here that in year 2008, a Thailand publisher has published a book written by a Malaysian entitled Dos & Don'ts in Malaysia. I was thrilled as by chance, the publisher's rep commissioned me to do the cartoons for the book. I did almost 250 illustrations not without a lot of researches and references for over one year. It was quite a daunting task but I treasured the experience. Unfortunately, as the book was published, it was hit hard by a few bad reviews and controversial issues on races and beliefs written by the author... later it was asked to be removed from selling in any bookstores in Malaysia. Yeah, too bad my works didn't quite see the light of the day. Thankfully, the publisher did pay me and gave a few copies for my keepsake. Phew.

Owh, I just found someone selling it on ebay!

Here's a cartoon of mine that I wanted to produce for Raya card last few years. I think it's cute. Heh.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The New Look..

I have amended the wedding card as my client wanted and she loved it! Pheww... I feel quite relieved. The portraits turned out great too and definitely suitable for the flowery sweet-looking card.

What's next..?

I'll let my client to get comfy with the card for a few days, make sure the details are right, see if she wants to change, eliminate or add anything on the card before it goes for printing. While she's doing that, I'll spend my time for other projects in hand.


DoodleD in MondayArtday!

About 2 weeks ago, I submitted 2 of my caricatures for MondayArtday as The Challenge posted was Caricature.
 It ended 1st March and guess who won? Well...err... unfortunately, it was not me. But even so, I feel honored as the host, Mike mentioned my works as one of his favs. Thanks Mike. Please go to the site to know the winner and more upcoming challenges to spice up your Art&Design Life!!

"...Sometimes I look back on the challenge, examining all of the entries, and I weep. I curl up, sucking my thumb, crying like a baby. You artists are all so good, it's so unfair for anyone to have to judge a winner. A few of my favorites were DoodleDesignCheeky Kids and Meet the In-Laws - - Vicente - Nicolas Sarkozy (excellent and very professional, with classic ink shading) - Doodlestreet - Michael Jackson - and I always love Barry'sBeatle Beetle - and, of course, our very own Pascal's wonderful work (and incredible volume!)" 
- Mike, Host of MondayArtday
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