Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Want Colors!!!

Oowhh.. Sorry blog. I've abandoned you for a while.

I was busy... attending to my own mood swings and whimpers of trying to find some new inspirations for new paintings while doing a couple of projects in hand. And then.. I was also not so sure what to talk about. But my thoughts was full of playful bursting colors. I wanted to be more colorful and I do need some cheerful evidence to my fateful life. 'Want'ing is one thing...but making it happened is another story. Perhaps, I had the tendency to play it safe... and didn't express myself enough. Huu..

So, I came up with an idea. I wanted to make as many 4x6inches cards as possible with series of fun lookin' cartoons or illustrations. As with many skills in life, coloring also needs practice.. yes, even for a seasoned artist.

Here's a few that I've created to get the bursting colors out of my head. Medium- watercolor & marker pen on watercolor paper:

Enjoy...and there'll be more to come. (Wish me luck! Hihi..)
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