Wednesday, July 28, 2010

doodledesign Animated batch!

gif animation

Monday, July 26, 2010

Are Black & White- Colours?

Truth be told, I've been quite confused about this matter. Some people said they are some people said they are not. But what I gather is that the matter has to be explained in a couple of ways- artistically and scientifically.

In art, white is the absence of all color and black is the presence of all color. If you mix all the primary colors- RED+YELLOW+BLUE, you'll get BLACK.

And of course, if you have a blank white paper and you paint on it and left some parts with no paint, the latter will be seen as white- no color. But what if you have a black surface and you need some white in the painting.. then you'll have to use 'white paint'- and that's color..?

Scientifically, we have understand how our eyes perceive colors. Ok- I was a science student before and I should know this. Thanks to my science teacher who explained that our eyes understand colors because of light that enters our eyes. When all the colors are combined, it makes white. These colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. So here, they say that WHITE is a color and BLACK is the absence of color. Black can also be defined as the visual impression experienced in directions from which no visible light reached the eye.

See the apple? Why we see it as as RED color? The surface of a red apple absorbs all the colored light rays, except for those corresponding to red, and reflects this color to the human eye. Get it?

For an artist.. colors are important. Black, white and all.. are crucial to make certain impact on any art works. It doesn't matter whether black and white are colors or values or anything else one would define... The important thing is to convey what we want others to see in our visual expression. But what I like about colors is that they could also speak on emotions. Black could be seen as darkness.. a obscurity; and white could be seen as purity.. serenity..and spirituality.

Thank God.. He gave us eyes to see. If we are blind, He gave us eyes in our hearts to 'see' in another way. Just close your eyes.. what can you see? Can you see black? Can you see white? Some people told me that if you like to wear Black clothing, that means you are hiding some secrets or maybe you could keep secret very well. And if you like wearing White.. you are a spiritual person. You have a spiritual tendency in your life- to do good things.. to understand your faith and you constantly thinking about God. What if you like wearing black & white? Well, people just might see you as a lizard's poop (tahi cicak). hehe.

Oh yes, before I forgot, I'd like to share my Black& White caricature here :)

It's Monday today. I hope it's not a blue one for you & me...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

my Animated Toonie


If you guys go to my other blog, you'll see a few little cartoons I made for a few posts. I call them Toonies. Recently, I got a job that required me to do quite a lot of gif animations for a telecommunication company. Really had fun doing it. Still a lot to do...but managed to animate one of my tiny Toonies here to share with you :).


Juz a NOte.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to make a Caricature.

Every artists has her/his own style of making Arts. I bet most of you know or have seen quite a number of artworks produced by many Caricaturists out there. To me, caricature is one of my skills because I love drawing and painting human figures. I believe, you have to understand human's face/ head first before you can draw a caricature. Still a lot to learn though.... But today, I'd like to share the Steps that I took to produce a Caricature.

Firstly, find a good photo.

Here's a photo of my sweet-natured lil' niece, baby Jasmeen.
As you can see, not much reference of the baby's body and the whole head.
But the best thing about Art is.. you could always imagine and make it happen on a blank piece of paper.

Now, on the paper.. make a rough sketch of the head, body and the pose you imagined.

Yeah.. I imagined Jasmeen on a stroller.
A sketch doesn't have to be perfect. Make a rough one..
Get the basic shapes of the head, body and the stroller/ action you plan to do.
Just a guideline for your next step, of course.

Then, I usually start with the overall face by placing the eyes, nose and mouth. Even the body could be lightly sketched too.

At this point, I make quite a number of adjustments- just to get them almost at the right places and forms.
When doing caricature it's important to see what is the most outstanding feature of the face you're doing.
For Jasmeen's face, I thought it was important to get her beautiful eyes and the pouting lips.
My tendency is.. to make a portrait instead of making exaggeration from the outstanding features. So that's why my caricatures are not really like those funny looking faces you sometimes see in other caricatures.
Thus, my point of.. every artists has her own style of doing it :)

Next, time to sharpen the faces more and and more.. making sure everything is in place..

I had a little problem drawing the left eye.. hmmps.

well, as in many things in Life.. you can't get everything right all the time.. but you've got to try your best.
As you can see, I still haven't done much about the body and the stroller. But that part, you can have fun with it, so I save it for last.

Last but not least...

Sure.. not 100% the same as the real thing.
Most importantly, when you do caricature.. try to get the 'essence' of the character.
How I decided I got it?
Hard to explain..but you just know in your heart and mind that it's there.. and hopefully, others agree with you :) hehe.

Have fun drawing a Caricature.
If you draw a caricature, can you share your work with me?
They say you could learn so much by sharing and your knowledge would prosper too. So, let's do that.

An Old Doodle- in Watercolor

Found an old piece of paper out of a small sketchbook.
Year 2002's watercolor doodle.
What is it about?
Hmm.. I remember that time I was feeling so close to Nature. Especially that was around the year when my parents were living in Kuching, Sarawak near to the city's River. We had big trees surrounding the house. The happy sounds of birds in the morning were loud and clear.. but it got quite creepy at night.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Under my Umbrella.. ella ella ella..

Where have all the pengapits (people who are supposed to carry this umbrella..) gone?
HUBBY: Well, who cares. As long as you're with me, honey.. I'll always take care of you... You'll always be under my umbrella through rain and shine...
WIFEY: That's what we ladies hope when we got married with you guys! OK?? Bring us peace...and we'll give you pleasure ;)

Hehe. Just havin' some fun with this one. The signboard in the background was a creative way to wish the newlyweds from a thoughtful friend/ relative. Don't you think so?
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