Friday, October 29, 2010

Ordered, Painted,.. Delivered!

I was really on the roll. Someone has ordered 5 pieces of the Art Eco Bag. I did them all night long... sleepy, tired but so happy with the colorful results! My client personally asked for a cute turtle on one of the bags. I love her idea :). Does she know how much I love doodling cute cartoon characters..?

All I need now is a good massage...
Honey bee, would you come home early?

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Shopping is fun, but it has a nasty bi-product and it is called plastic bags!

Sometimes, I don't want to shop that many things. But 'that not-so-many-things' may not fit my two not-so-skinny hands! What I need is a shopping bag.. RECYCLE one! By now, many of us should know that every Saturday is the "NO PLASTIC BAG DAY" in Selangor. For me who's not into huge hand bags nor totes, plastic bags were so convenient to carry stuff that I bought from the drugstore or kedai runcit. But now, I'm making a pledge to lessen its usage even on other days.. and I'm going to have a few recyclable shopping bags ready in my car wherever I go. ( Chanting in my head : ..i must remember this.. i must remember this..!)

What I need now is.. to look 'cool' using the bag :-D. heh. So I painted a little Art on my Non-Woven Shopping Bag, yesterday.

Non-woven bags can be reused countless times and are recyclable. They're really durable! Doing so not only earns you brownie points with Mother Nature, but you will soon reduce the clutter of having plastic bags stashed everywhere at home. I have so many of them in a little nook of my kitchen and I don't know what to do with them now... send 2 recycle centers? But they're so non biodegradable - what will the centers do, huh?

Next time, bring a non-woven bag or two along before you head off to the supermarket for groceries and say NO to plastic bags at the cashier. We should be creating a healthier world, one decision at a time!

In line with this message, I'm happy to be able to sell to you a few of my LIMITED ART Eco Bag. And of course, the artworks are original- freshly hand painted. The idea, effort, time and energy put on each artworks are personal & priceless. It's hard to put a price on something like this, actually. But I'm selling it for the sake of Art, for the environment and also for a good cause. Yes, helping the environment is already a good cause but I'm talking about- for every sale made from my ART Eco Bags, I'll donate 10% to a single mother whom I know and in need of monetary fund. See, I'm not a rich artist.. sobs.., but I'd like to help in any way I can, insyaAllah.

PRICE RM 12 only 
(postage included if more than one, + RM5 if one piece only)

If you like the same design as my 1st Bag, I could make one for you in no time too :)

PRICE RM 12 only 
(postage included if more than one, + RM5 if one piece only)
If time permits, there will be more to come.

Thank you in advance, for your interest and help :). Only God could return your kind gesture with much blessings in life.


Disclaimer: For any repeated designs, colors may vary from the one you see here- Hand drawn & colored maa... quite impossible to get exactly the same each time.. hehe.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beautiful Shabby..

Wow! I've just came back from visiting (virtually, that is..) a very2 sweet and nice blog with beautiful freebies and 8,000 plus followers (fabulously a lot, huh?) ! Well, maybe some of you have been there, done that.. but for those who have not, just pay a visit to Shabby Blogs- which if anything, is definitely NOT shabby- duh! And I for one am falling in love with those 'frames'... sheesh! so gorgeously creative! I bet you scrapbookers out there will go insane too!

As you can see above.. I'm using two of the freebies over there (love the doodled frames- yay!). She (Megan) also has some vintage graphics and so on. Well, basically she's offering something2 to make your blog "a work of art".

Enjoy your blog walkin' & gettin' some freebies.. : D.
You know what they say.., Most of the BEST things in this world are FREeeeeeEE...! heh.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Hehe.. The First prize Winner's Caricature :).. from my 1st Blog Giveaway- Lucky Draw.

You all keep smiling... Alrite? You never know when you could get Lucky!

Let it Be..

.. Green.

Whatever you do, think of our environment :). Just let them be.

You gotta love The Beatles! I'm living with one BiG fan of d' group :).. hehe.

Thanks bee. For so many inspirations you have given me.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Family Fun in Frames!

It's quite common to see family pictures in frames, whenever you go to someone's home or.. office. Yes, it's nice to see the faces of your loved ones and yourself.. decorating the walls or tables. They give comfort to your heart.. and it's truly a precious feeling.

But when you turn a photo into a piece of ART, it's even more SPECIAL... for every moment you look at it, you'll find yourself smiling... appreciating not only the work of art but the spirit that the artist may have captured about you and your loved ones! So how about turning your family photos into FUN family pictures?

I'm sharing with you here 2 families who have decided to turn their Raya Celebration family photos into Caricatures :)..

And then, one of them has decided to also turn her Wedding Anniversary memory into a piece of Art. How sweet :).

Now, put all these in frames.. and what do you have?
Well... the truth is, you still have your loved ones in your heart but now, it's more fun to see them in different version. This is what we call, the Art of Love.. ok, I just made up that one. heh.


Your family and your love must be cultivated like a garden. Time, effort, and imagination must be summoned constantly to keep any relationship flourishing and growing.  
-Jim Rohn

Monday, October 18, 2010


Oh.. what a nice Monday morning. Not too hot, not too cold out there. We had a little rain early on... so I guess, for those who had to wake up super early and go to work.. phew!.. it must be super hard to drag yourself out of bed, huh?. Me too... until I remember what an important day today is. I'm going to ANNOUNCE my 1st LUCKY WINNERS for the 1st GIVE-Art-WAY LUCKY DRAW!!!


The 1st PRIZE goes to lucky mia aka LoLLiMia from
The 2nd PRIZE > muffins Jue from
and Last but not least, 3rd PRIZE > mama_umar_maryam from

Owh, have I shown you the MYSTERY GIFT? Not yet, kan..? Here it is.. TA DAAA..!..

It's a Non Woven Eco Bag and I painted a little something on it for the special winner. I hope she'll like it :).

The paints that I used for the bag came from Pelikan Textilmalen Fabric Paint. It's really nice, smooth & quite brilliant on any fabrics. Bought them earlier this year when they had a Jualan Gudang at their HQ in Puchong. But if I'm not mistaken, they're discontinuing this product due to poor demand in Malaysia. Hmm.. sayang plak nak habiskan kaler ni kalu gitu... hihi.

Anyway, I hope the lucky winner will enjoy the1st prize gifts from Doodledesign :). Here's a ' winning batch' for you! You may copy & paste it in your blog, OK dear?

For the 2nd Prize winner who'll get a FREE A5 Sized Black & White Caricature (1 figure/person) + 1 Art Post Card... and 3rd Prize who'll enjoy a Black & White Caricature (1 figure/person) drawn by me but send in digital form...., please find a good, clear, picture of yourself OR your loved one and email me. I'll start sketching once received and send them to you when I'm done.

For those who are not that lucky this time, stick around to see more contests, offers, lucky draws or more doodling from Doodledesign. InsyaAllah.. But in the meantime, I've created a little batch for you guys to take your blog, that is. Well, it's OK if you don't feel like a FAN of Doodledesign... it's more like a FRIENDSHIP BATCH  from me :).


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Updates on the "GIVE-Art-WAY" ! Woohoo..!!


I just saw the COMMENT section under my GIVE-Art-WAY post. I must say that I'm pleasantly surprised as more than 20 lovely Art Luvers are joining my 1st LUCKY DRAW. And there's another 2 days to go. How exciting!!! So far.. here are the names...

1. Aminah
2. Sabrina
3. Lin
4. Lina
5. Bea
6. Dewi's Artwork Station
7. Miznina
8. Ummu Umar
9. Neaflerida
10. Rosh
11.Kak Yong
12. Cute Mum
13. Nelly a.k.a Red Ribbon Gal
14. muffins Jue
15. Allycat
16. mama balqis
17. has
18. mama zharfan
19. ekin
20. Farha
21. Eya
22. mia
23. Nisa Azman
24. Farhana
25. nadiah
26. razipah
27. arenim
28. mama_umar_maryam

Know what? You guys have been patient.. (me too :).. so, I'd like you to take a "sneak peek" at the MYSTERY GIFT for the Most Lucky Person in this 1st GIVE-Art-WAY!

Hehe.. Told you it's just a "sneak peek"... a *hint *hint.... So, take a guess for now and Good Luck with that!

Psst..psst.. Tomorrow is 15th October and it's my younger sister's (Adda who has her own blog of vintage clothing for sale) time in the limelight! It'll be her BIRTHDAY!! I made her a handmade birthday Card. I hope she won't be reading this post before tomorrow (hihi). But I'd like to share with you guys ... :). Just don't tell her just yet.

I was so happy with my first handiwork of the GIVE-Art-WAY Bookmark that I decided to create another Little Dress with more accessories on it. Besides, I have quite a bit more of the fancy-swirling-pattern wrapping paper 'left-over' to work with. Hihihii. And those accessories came from.. err.. one of the wedding giveaways (bunga telur) I had been to.. somewhere. Well, my sisters know me well enough that I'm a bit of a 'hoarder'.. and I like to 'recycle' or 'reuse' stuffs. I say I'm just being 'practical' :). Heh.

Here's the Gifts for Adda  (the big one- I shared with another sister to buy.. :)

You know what else is nice about this Card? You could take the hanged Dress out and turn it into a Bookmark!

Told 'ya I'm a practical person, right? Huhuuuu..

So... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear dear sister who is not getting any younger.. kuikuikuii.
May God Bless you in everything that you do and if you get married next year, make sure you ask me to be your designer :). LOve you. Not much I can give.. No wise advice I can offer. As long as we live, insyaAllah I'll always be there.. forever.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2 Nights 2 Remember

Well, the party's definitely over for me :( . Already back to my PC & Drawing Tables. Celebrated my birthday with 2 special dinners tajaan my hubby and my sister.

Until this very moment, I could still taste Wagyu Beef in my mouth (at Tony Romas with bee- thanks, love!)...

The Steak.. or what's left of it.
 Huu.. the steak was sinfully tender and juicy... although it seemed quite small, it was really filling. We checked the Halal cert before ordering it...just in case. I really took my time to savor it :). Hey, this is one of the most expensive and finest beefs in world I'm eating here. Imagine a cow being massaged.. listening to good music.. eating & drinking quality foods & beverages.. that's how these Wagyu cattles were raised back in Japan or a few more countries in the world.

The very next night, my family and I was treated to a full plate of Italiannies's huge meatballs Spaghetti and a big tasty Pizza by my 3rd sister, Ida.

I think, my nephew's pic above is enough to show the good time we had at Italiannies Sunway Pyramid :))

But that's not the only fun we had. My 4th sister, Adda treated the whole gang to a movie before we had dinner. It was MAGIKA!

I had not read any reviews on that movie before I saw it. So, I kept an open mind, saying to myself.. ok.. a malay movie.. a musical... hmm.. can't expect too much..?. Well, I was wrong. I must say I really enjoyed it. I mean, for someone who love fantasy movies as much as I do.. this Malay movie is not bad at all :). The music and songs are great! Really. Here, let me put up the movie's trailer for you.

What can I say..? Each and every years of my life now, my loved ones have always given me something nice for my birthday. But what I cherished most is their love and presence.. I cannot ask for more. God has given me... enough :).

P/S: Oh yesss!! DO NOT forget about my GIVE-Art-AWAY Lucky Draw , y'all!!! 3 more days to go before I pick the Lucky Ones! Join me for the FUN of it, all rite?


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

COME&JOIN my 1st 'GIVE-Art-WAY' Lucky Draw!!

Actually I plan to announce this on the 8th October- but I'm so excited, I can't wait any longer! :) Yeeeaahaaa!

Dear friends, I'm so happy if you wanna join my 1st Give Away or as I call it, "GIVE-Art-WAY"- get it?!

The purpose of this 'special event' is to be able to share some Artful Stuff with you- especially stuff created by yours truly :). The thing is, as you get older.. and wiser (I supposed).. you tend to think about how much time you have left (well, at least, I'm speaking for myself here), and this thought often leads to how you would like to be remembered when you're gone.. or what purpose your being here on earth- even in the smallest circle of your families, friends or maybe, pets... or what else can you do to achieve your dreams & happiness or make your loved ones happy..? Have you done enough? See, we all know we are going to die some day.. so I think,  it'll be quite selfish to keep everything to oneself. The more you share, the more you prosper, some people say... and what goes around, comes around.. but most importantly,.. .Sharing is Caring.. huhuuu.

Just so you know.. craft is not really my thing (somehow, jadik 'kerastangan' when it comes to sewing and crafting) but still, I'm always very curious to learn & create some crafty stuff once in a while. Experimentation and exploration are the key to success. haha. So, please pardon my crafting misadventures in this blog.. if I ever get my hands on it, I mean. I say this because one of my 1st Handmade Craft- a cute looking dress on a wire hanger (something I just learned to do), will be one of my little give-aways. But hey, it's the effort that counts, right? hehee.

Now, the LUCKY WINNERS will receive...

Please note that the 1st Prize will also get one 'Mystery' gift..whooa!! Can't tell you just yet.. must wait until the dateline. Ok? 

Easy.. easy ..easy..
All you need to do is.. in the COMMENT BOX under THIS POST, please leave:-
B) Your LINK (if you have a blog I could visit..) or EMAIL
C) Link DoodleDesign to your site or FB will increase the chance to win :)
D) Lastly, say something nice to me or you're out of the game, babe. Muahahaa!!

So, it's about 10 days, my friends.. take it or leave it :o
WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT will be on 18th October 2010.

Because it's a LUCKY DRAW, everyone has equal chance to win. So, juz JOIN me for the FUN of it. Alrite?

What are you waiting for? You've got nothing to lose.. but time.

(humming the birthday tune already).. tra la la la laaaa..

Monday, October 4, 2010

October's Special Gift!!

And the special gift is.. ME!! hehe... well, to my parents, at least (many first borns are special until they make some trouble while growing up- heh).

Wow.. I haven't blog for a while.
Well, I don't have a good excuse for that :- /

But anyway, OCTOBER is here! It's a special month since.. I'm gonna have my __th birthday this coming 8th! And this is the 2nd year I'm celebrating my birthday while blogging. My blog is still pretty new, I guess. I need to keep pace with this virtual world. I feel like I'm falling behind :(

But right now, I have a couple of NEWS to you, my virtual friends..

Firstly, my Art Endeavor- as one would say... has been featured in one of the local Newspaper last 2 weeks!

Phew... I'm very2 shy about it..huhuu.. but it's already 'out' for many to see. When I first started blogging, I thought I just want to be an anonymous face behind a blog.. so.. yeah.., you could say that I'm quite a private person. Anyway, as I thought long and hard about it, I realized that the article may inspire some people to pursue Art as their field of choice...or continue the passion and make a living out of it too :))

Secondly, wait for my next post as I'll be announcing DOODLEDESIGN FIRST ever...........................
"GIVE-Art-WAY" LuCkY DrAw!!!  
But..but.. I wonder if there'll be any respond from anyone.. but I'm so happy because it's my birthday month- so, no matter what happens, I'd like to share some free ARTsy stuff with any lucky person who may join :)).

In the meanwhile, check out this very inspirational blog that I love... her blog makes me wish I have a daughter :)... huuuhuu...

Well, she said she was "out to lunch"- a very long one... but gladly, she's popping in once in a while. A very creative person she is.. and Disney is her name. What I like best about her is that she makes do with what she has. All one needs is a little imagination.

and Owh!.. don't forget to check out my next post, ok?
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