Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Birthday Card for Haqeem!

My nephew Haqeem has just turned 5 yesterday. I made him a cool B-Day Card :).

Haqeem loves Ben10 cartoon!

So, I caricatured him as Haqeem5. ha!

 And then, I made a simple-springy pop-out card. 

Enjoy being 5, Haqeem!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Find your Wings to Fly..

The Butterfly Girl. Watercolor & Ink.

No matter what you do in life, you can be successful.
If you love drawing, doodling, painting, crafting, singing, dancing.... 
..just keep doing what you love.
We are born with differences. Everyone has her own purposes..
If you're one with FAITH, believe that HE will lead you the way... sooner if not later. 
Don't fret and don't regret.. because the time will come.. 
and things will fall into their places eventually.
But don't just sit around, doing nothing.. 
..just keep on doing what you love.
If you're not successful now, doesn't mean you'll fail later too.
Nobody can take away the passion inside of you..
Each of us is special.
Listen to your heart..
We just have to find our own Wings to fly.

Well, just some thoughts I would like to share this morning because of my little illustration of The Butterfly Girl that I did last night. 

When I was a little girl.. I really enjoyed drawing stuff like that. For many, many years... I didn't just let my imagination fly like what I'm doing recently. Maybe I was too caught up with being a traditional artist who paints 'real' people and life. Until one day, I got fed up and wanted to find a different direction. But I got stuck.. not knowing what to paint anymore. Everything seemed dull and ideas were hard to come by. I always had to ask others for ideas.. because i was sort of, lost it. Then, I began my journey to redefine myself as an artist.. and I guess, I still am. 

Having a blog almost seems like this journey is documented and some day, I'll look back and see how I've developed and progressed in my ventures. It's a blessing to be able to share with people I don't even know in real life.. Not many will find the time to read whatever is being written in others' blogs. Those who are sincere enough will do that and share some thoughts too. Others may look at pictures and move on. Another 'surfers' may dropped by to check out what others are doing and copy it (hey, please don't!) or just ignore it.. That's OK. I'm not doing my blog for anyone but for my own sake and sanity. 

I'm much happier inside now.. that I've allowed myself to explore my imaginative world while doing illustrations and cartoons.. just like when I was a little girl. I really feel good after I painted a little illustration or made a sketch. Even though I'm not sure where this is going.. I know I'll keep on doing it. At the same time, I'll also keep painting some 'real' ones too.. which you can see more of them at Yartstik's ArtBlog. 

So.. good luck everyone in everything that you do :).

Success is not the destination; the Journey is.

P/S: Oh yes, before I forget- let me remind you that there'll be a fun CONTEST coming up soon! hihi.. it's for something that can 'fly'.. but mine, doesn't. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

IF: ToY.

hehe.. Just a 'quick' one for Illustration Friday's fun challenge.

My cheeky little nephew called Aqeel just loves Ultraman. Buying Ultraman toys- even the same ones, will always bring joy to him. At night, while wearing his favorite Ultraman pyjama that I gave him on his birthday, he will tuck all his Ultra'men' under his pillow to sleep with him. Comes tomorrow, he will play with them again.

Owh.. the joy of being kids :).

Speaking of toy&joy.. I'm going to do a GIVE-Art-WAY soon! It's a fun CONTEST! Stay tuned, orrait?

Have a Nice Day :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blue for Bling!

I have delivered another batch of ECO BAGs order for my lovely client, Madam Kay :). They're for her boutique called Bling Boutique. Please go to to know more about her shop! She's selling nice & practical nursing attires for Moms and a cool clothing line for Kids too.. named Bling Buubies.

So I have designed somethin' cool for her boutique on BLUE Eco Bags :D. But the 'cool'ness didn't stop just there as I delivered the bags with a nice & sweet Thank you Card & some sweet Goodies.. to show my appreciation for her support to my ARt Services ater all this while..

Can you guess what the goodies are? Do you know "Sagon"?

Thanks Again, Kay!

Friday, March 25, 2011


I saw an Octopus mending her Garden this morning... in my head - ha!

Octopus Garden!
I think, if you're an octopus, you'll be one efficient multi-tasker!

Have fun for the coming weekend :).
This one is for Whimsical Wednesday.. it's a bit early but Wednesday is coming anyway.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

IF: Cultivate...

Dear readers... stay tuned... soon I'll have a really COOL CONTEST for you to enter. And I'm still thinking of what Art Gifts I shall giveaway this time :).

It'll be FUN & exciting and I can't wait to have you join it but not today just yet. Today, I'm making a new entry for Illustration Friday this week with the theme: Cultivate!

What's to cultivate? Friendship! 
Yes... Cultivate and Grow Your Friendship :)...

For everyone who comes here and 'following' and.. commenting my posts; I THANK YOU indeed.
Even virtually, I could sense a pleasant friendship cultivating between us.. although we might be from different parts of the world with different beliefs and races.. and if you are living in Malaysia, I feel so happy to be able to connect with you through my humble blog.

So, thanks again!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

At Last, a NEW Blog Header!!

Phew! The truth is.. changing my 'old' Blog Header...

... to a new one..

.. was one of  the top wishes in my new year's list. heh. Oh well, better late than never, right? :-P.

I'm quite happy with the result. I sketched with 2B 1.8mm pencil the whole scene this morning in my old big sketch book. But for ET.. 'E' = Eagle & Egg + 'T'= Tiger + Tree...(in case, no one notices them- ha!) I used my very new A6 sized sketch book which I 'accidentally' bought in MPH bookstore last weekend.

"The Old vs. New"

I like this green color but there are other color choices as well.

The First Watercolor & Ink work to grace the book :). 

It costs RM25.40. For me, it's a bit costly.. but I love the thick acid-free cream watercolor paper which is just nice for my future small watercolor/ pen/ pencil sketches. Well, watercolor is, after all-my favorite medium. I just can't resist buying it. 

Actually, I didn't plan to buy the sketch book (for myself)... because I still have one very very precious moleskine waiting blankly on my desk.. It was given by my bee. huhuu.. I thought I want to use it when travelling some day.. but I love it too much to even start a drawing. 

But anyway, my point was... I went to MPH that day to find a gift for my younger brother's birthday. So, I saw this sketch book and bought it as a gift for him but it was bigger-A5 (and more expensive) than the one I bought for myself . After I wrapped it, I made a quick-last-minute hand drawn Birthday Card on a brown rice paper I found at mom's house. Using my youngest sis's black magic pen, I caricatured my brother's face;-

Ali seemed happy to receive the Gift :). Have a Wonderful Life, bro!
 May God Bless you always.

Now, let me go back and say something about my NEW Blog Header which is making itself comfortable up there by now.. It looks more cheerful than before, don't you think so?

I have combined my pencil and watercolor & ink sketches in Photoshop.. and the wording came from Illustrator. Basically, I hope the Header has represented most of what I love to do in life... in this blog. I hope who ever drops by this little space will like it and feel happy looking at it too!


Monday, March 21, 2011

A New Logo for a Tuition Center in Jitra!

After a successful one year long operation, my old friend, Roswida (and now, new customer- hihi) and her partners finally decided that they should have a nice and catchy LOGO for the tuition center. So I happily designed one for them.. together for the Signboard:

I wish them All The BEST and that they will continue with the success when more people notice the cheerful bright apple green signboard and fun logo among the shop lots in that area.... somewhere in Jitra, Kedah.

For more info please go to or contact the numbers on the board :).

Friday, March 18, 2011

Testing the Tea Stains..

Have you ever tried using tea-stains for your art works? It's quite cool. One of my favorite illustrators online, Amalia K. uses a lot of this technique. She creates so many beautiful artworks from her giving heart and soulful imaginations. I've never actually tried this tea-stains until today... Actually, I'm having a bit of flu and was told to rest.. then I imagined it'll be nice to curl in my bed.. like a little birdie in its nest- which brought me to this idea for Creative Everyday Challenge this month- NEST! Wohoo!

So, before I took my rest, here it goes..

And below was the outcome.. after a little watercolor touch on it..

The tea-stains were quite classic and nice, huh...? Well, I like it :). This was a good experimentation.

Now, I can go to bed.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kids Day Out!

I created a flyer for the event at Scriptory Box again :D... and this seems like a fun event to look forward to next month!
I had fun making the little doodle kids.. all using Adobe Illustrator. Anyway, I have a beautiful Quote to share with everyone who stops by here in my space today.. Feel free to use this Toonie Badge.. (but not for commercial purpose)... huhu.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Special B-day Card for a Mom.

This birthday card was a special request by my client. She wanted a card that her mom would frame on the wall.. a card that reflected her love and the bond that they have between them. She wanted their portraits to be on the card. So I painted them with watercolor and made a simple A4 sized Card..

My client has also commissioned portraits of her parents, if you would like to see them, please visit Yartstik's ArtBlog, my fine art journal and gallery.

Hope everyone who stops by this blog is having a nice and wonderful weekend.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Current Projects..

I would like to change my blog header but I still can't get down to it. I'm thinking I should 'doodle' my header.. on things that I love doing.. creating.. or maybe something that is more 'me'. Oh well, perhaps I'll have the chance to do it after finishing a few current projects I have in hand.

One of them has just finished and already sent by hand this morning to my lovely client, Emelly. I must tell you how brilliant she was with this creative idea for her wedding next month! By the way, I did her wedding caricature last year too! She was pretty organized and planned her wedding well.. so yes, she prepared many things for her wedding since last year. But last week, she asked whether I could do something like a 'story board' of her beautiful LOVE STORY to display on her wedding ceremony. I simply answered "Yes, I'll try my best".. although I've never done anything like it before. But I just couldn't resist to do this fun idea of hers :). She posted me all her ideas on a sheet of paper, some thumbnails of her storyboard and 4 photos that she wanted me to tie them together with a nice illustration... which I did :).

When I saw her smile upon looking at this illustration board this morning, I felt like flying with joy.. :). All the best, dear Emelly!

The next project I'm still working on is creating a simple and nice Wedding Invitation Card.. it's more of a graphic design work and printing to do later on. My client's dad is more like the 'Creative Director' in the house...hihi. Much of this card idea came from him. He's a pensioner who teaches Qur'an during the weekend, does the landscaping outside in the morning and has a fine taste in interior decorations and crafts! It's no surprise that he is now working on the 'bunga telur' (little gifts with boiled eggs to give to the wedding guests) for her daughter's wedding in November. Wow.

Here's the mock-up I designed. I'll post the finalized version.. hopefully- when everything's confirmed.

Another thing I'm doing and rushing to finish before the weekend is another fun hand-painted ECO BAG project! Again, the order came from one of my most appreciative clients, Kay from BlingLustre! With more events she has planned for her business, she made me created some goodie bags to use for them. I found in my supplier's stock some pink non-woven bags and I know Kay simply loves pink! However, my supplier said that these will be the last pinks he has in stock. Boo hoo! He also said he is discontinuing the cream color bags I used to paint on! What?? But I love doing my artwork on the cream colored ones. So now, I'm stuck with a bunch of LIMITED multi-colored non woven bags in stock- light blue, black, orange, yellow... well, I guess, in the near future you'll see more colorful ECO bags in my creations. Yay!!


Phew! My eyes are quite tired. I must retreat from my project report record right now. An old friend is asking me to create a Logo for a new tuition center and she wanted it to look as grabbing fun as the Artventure Kid's logo I did before... and I must develop a logo for a logistics company which I already proposed a few designs last week.. and now, the boss came back to me with one that he likes but needs more tweaks! I'll sleep on it tonight.. and hopefully more fresh ideas will come tomorrow. yawn..

Till then, enjoy..

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3 Fun Frames!

I just want to update the 3 old frames that now look sooooo NEW and sooo much FUN! Yay!!

Thanks to Melissa who commented that she liked my first frame the way it was... so, I have refrained myself to make further details and keep 'em simple :).

Already, c ya again..

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