Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Special B-day Card for a Mom.

This birthday card was a special request by my client. She wanted a card that her mom would frame on the wall.. a card that reflected her love and the bond that they have between them. She wanted their portraits to be on the card. So I painted them with watercolor and made a simple A4 sized Card..

My client has also commissioned portraits of her parents, if you would like to see them, please visit Yartstik's ArtBlog, my fine art journal and gallery.

Hope everyone who stops by this blog is having a nice and wonderful weekend.



Bella Sinclair said...

WHOAAAA! Gorgeous work! Your portraits are exceptionally beautiful, and I have no doubt that her parents were absolutely over the moon with delight and awe!

DoodleDesign said...

Gee, THANKS Bella! How nice of you to drop a comment. I sure hope so :-)

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