Monday, March 28, 2011

IF: ToY.

hehe.. Just a 'quick' one for Illustration Friday's fun challenge.

My cheeky little nephew called Aqeel just loves Ultraman. Buying Ultraman toys- even the same ones, will always bring joy to him. At night, while wearing his favorite Ultraman pyjama that I gave him on his birthday, he will tuck all his Ultra'men' under his pillow to sleep with him. Comes tomorrow, he will play with them again.

Owh.. the joy of being kids :).

Speaking of toy&joy.. I'm going to do a GIVE-Art-WAY soon! It's a fun CONTEST! Stay tuned, orrait?

Have a Nice Day :)


Anonymous said...

Love the quote.
Minimizing my toys.


DoodleDesign said...

Love the quote, ajer?
Njoy while u can :)

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