Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Current Projects..

I would like to change my blog header but I still can't get down to it. I'm thinking I should 'doodle' my header.. on things that I love doing.. creating.. or maybe something that is more 'me'. Oh well, perhaps I'll have the chance to do it after finishing a few current projects I have in hand.

One of them has just finished and already sent by hand this morning to my lovely client, Emelly. I must tell you how brilliant she was with this creative idea for her wedding next month! By the way, I did her wedding caricature last year too! She was pretty organized and planned her wedding well.. so yes, she prepared many things for her wedding since last year. But last week, she asked whether I could do something like a 'story board' of her beautiful LOVE STORY to display on her wedding ceremony. I simply answered "Yes, I'll try my best".. although I've never done anything like it before. But I just couldn't resist to do this fun idea of hers :). She posted me all her ideas on a sheet of paper, some thumbnails of her storyboard and 4 photos that she wanted me to tie them together with a nice illustration... which I did :).

When I saw her smile upon looking at this illustration board this morning, I felt like flying with joy.. :). All the best, dear Emelly!

The next project I'm still working on is creating a simple and nice Wedding Invitation Card.. it's more of a graphic design work and printing to do later on. My client's dad is more like the 'Creative Director' in the house...hihi. Much of this card idea came from him. He's a pensioner who teaches Qur'an during the weekend, does the landscaping outside in the morning and has a fine taste in interior decorations and crafts! It's no surprise that he is now working on the 'bunga telur' (little gifts with boiled eggs to give to the wedding guests) for her daughter's wedding in November. Wow.

Here's the mock-up I designed. I'll post the finalized version.. hopefully- when everything's confirmed.

Another thing I'm doing and rushing to finish before the weekend is another fun hand-painted ECO BAG project! Again, the order came from one of my most appreciative clients, Kay from BlingLustre! With more events she has planned for her business, she made me created some goodie bags to use for them. I found in my supplier's stock some pink non-woven bags and I know Kay simply loves pink! However, my supplier said that these will be the last pinks he has in stock. Boo hoo! He also said he is discontinuing the cream color bags I used to paint on! What?? But I love doing my artwork on the cream colored ones. So now, I'm stuck with a bunch of LIMITED multi-colored non woven bags in stock- light blue, black, orange, yellow... well, I guess, in the near future you'll see more colorful ECO bags in my creations. Yay!!


Phew! My eyes are quite tired. I must retreat from my project report record right now. An old friend is asking me to create a Logo for a new tuition center and she wanted it to look as grabbing fun as the Artventure Kid's logo I did before... and I must develop a logo for a logistics company which I already proposed a few designs last week.. and now, the boss came back to me with one that he likes but needs more tweaks! I'll sleep on it tonight.. and hopefully more fresh ideas will come tomorrow. yawn..

Till then, enjoy..

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