Wednesday, March 23, 2011

At Last, a NEW Blog Header!!

Phew! The truth is.. changing my 'old' Blog Header...

... to a new one..

.. was one of  the top wishes in my new year's list. heh. Oh well, better late than never, right? :-P.

I'm quite happy with the result. I sketched with 2B 1.8mm pencil the whole scene this morning in my old big sketch book. But for ET.. 'E' = Eagle & Egg + 'T'= Tiger + Tree...(in case, no one notices them- ha!) I used my very new A6 sized sketch book which I 'accidentally' bought in MPH bookstore last weekend.

"The Old vs. New"

I like this green color but there are other color choices as well.

The First Watercolor & Ink work to grace the book :). 

It costs RM25.40. For me, it's a bit costly.. but I love the thick acid-free cream watercolor paper which is just nice for my future small watercolor/ pen/ pencil sketches. Well, watercolor is, after all-my favorite medium. I just can't resist buying it. 

Actually, I didn't plan to buy the sketch book (for myself)... because I still have one very very precious moleskine waiting blankly on my desk.. It was given by my bee. huhuu.. I thought I want to use it when travelling some day.. but I love it too much to even start a drawing. 

But anyway, my point was... I went to MPH that day to find a gift for my younger brother's birthday. So, I saw this sketch book and bought it as a gift for him but it was bigger-A5 (and more expensive) than the one I bought for myself . After I wrapped it, I made a quick-last-minute hand drawn Birthday Card on a brown rice paper I found at mom's house. Using my youngest sis's black magic pen, I caricatured my brother's face;-

Ali seemed happy to receive the Gift :). Have a Wonderful Life, bro!
 May God Bless you always.

Now, let me go back and say something about my NEW Blog Header which is making itself comfortable up there by now.. It looks more cheerful than before, don't you think so?

I have combined my pencil and watercolor & ink sketches in Photoshop.. and the wording came from Illustrator. Basically, I hope the Header has represented most of what I love to do in life... in this blog. I hope who ever drops by this little space will like it and feel happy looking at it too!


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Jack Foster said...

Love the new header! And yes... I think you made Ali very happy :o)

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