Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Find your Wings to Fly..

The Butterfly Girl. Watercolor & Ink.

No matter what you do in life, you can be successful.
If you love drawing, doodling, painting, crafting, singing, dancing.... 
..just keep doing what you love.
We are born with differences. Everyone has her own purposes..
If you're one with FAITH, believe that HE will lead you the way... sooner if not later. 
Don't fret and don't regret.. because the time will come.. 
and things will fall into their places eventually.
But don't just sit around, doing nothing.. 
..just keep on doing what you love.
If you're not successful now, doesn't mean you'll fail later too.
Nobody can take away the passion inside of you..
Each of us is special.
Listen to your heart..
We just have to find our own Wings to fly.

Well, just some thoughts I would like to share this morning because of my little illustration of The Butterfly Girl that I did last night. 

When I was a little girl.. I really enjoyed drawing stuff like that. For many, many years... I didn't just let my imagination fly like what I'm doing recently. Maybe I was too caught up with being a traditional artist who paints 'real' people and life. Until one day, I got fed up and wanted to find a different direction. But I got stuck.. not knowing what to paint anymore. Everything seemed dull and ideas were hard to come by. I always had to ask others for ideas.. because i was sort of, lost it. Then, I began my journey to redefine myself as an artist.. and I guess, I still am. 

Having a blog almost seems like this journey is documented and some day, I'll look back and see how I've developed and progressed in my ventures. It's a blessing to be able to share with people I don't even know in real life.. Not many will find the time to read whatever is being written in others' blogs. Those who are sincere enough will do that and share some thoughts too. Others may look at pictures and move on. Another 'surfers' may dropped by to check out what others are doing and copy it (hey, please don't!) or just ignore it.. That's OK. I'm not doing my blog for anyone but for my own sake and sanity. 

I'm much happier inside now.. that I've allowed myself to explore my imaginative world while doing illustrations and cartoons.. just like when I was a little girl. I really feel good after I painted a little illustration or made a sketch. Even though I'm not sure where this is going.. I know I'll keep on doing it. At the same time, I'll also keep painting some 'real' ones too.. which you can see more of them at Yartstik's ArtBlog. 

So.. good luck everyone in everything that you do :).

Success is not the destination; the Journey is.

P/S: Oh yes, before I forget- let me remind you that there'll be a fun CONTEST coming up soon! hihi.. it's for something that can 'fly'.. but mine, doesn't. 


artventurekids said...

Oww ET!! It is sooooo true! Doing what I'm doing now definitely make me feel like a little girl again! If only my face can show the same effect!! hahaha

DoodleDesign said...

Hahaaaa! I wish the very same thing too :D

dthaase said...

I am really liking your site - I look forward to following!

Penny Stewart said...

Great illustrations! thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great illustration!!! And great message!!!

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