Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Marissa or Icha is my 4 years old niece.
This is how she looks like when she cannot get what she wants or dissatisfied with something.
She used to be so quiet until one day, she could put some words and some other words together... phew!
Barbie fan, .. of course...
Pink is her favorite color.. no surprise there either, huh..?

I love little girls in Pink..
they put a smile in this heart of mine..

medium: Pelikan Textilmalen (fabric paint)on paper, ink outline.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

YES!! I did it!

Can you describe how exactly you feel when you have achieved something in life?
It's great, isn't it?

For one moment, there's a relief..
then, the excitement.. the joy.. the" thank-God,- at-last"...
let's make it a day to remember.. let's take picture.. 
let's have a special lunch or dinner..
what the hell... Let's celebrate!!
After all the hard works you've done..
after all the long hours of energy and effort..tears & laughter..
now, your dream has come true..
you've achieved what you've been aiming for..
everything was well worth it.

After a while, the dust has settled..
the celebration has ended..
the moment has passed..
what's next?.. Life would ask quietly..
another goal to achieve, perhaps..?
another journey to take.. another path to explore..?
sure... of course.. why not?

Everything will sure be worth it.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Have a Blessed Ramadhan..

Ramadhan is Here

... especially to our (hubby & me) friends, families and strangers who are Muslims & Muslimahs and happened to pass by my humble blog...

Yes, the fasting month is here again. A challenging month for many but a wonderful month for the rest who understand the real meaning of Ramadhan.
I'm just glad that I'm still alive and healthy to welcome it.. :).

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Juz 4 FUn.

Oh well, juz for d fun of it, I made a small cartoon for Monday Artday "2 Color" challenge.
Black & White= not counting.. so, I have Blue + Yellow there.

Method: Drawn by hand, then scanned and later traced in Illustrator and after that colored in Photoshop.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A National Competition 4 Cartoonists!

If you are a cartoonist or you know anyone who are great with cartoons, please be informed about this competition. Kids are also encouraged to try because they have the category for 18yrs old and below. Check it out, alrite? http://www.artgallery.gov.my/web/guest/pertandingan_bakat_seni#

Me? Well, I also might give it a try if I only I could come up with a good idea. The theme is quite challenging, actually. Download the form to see all the guidelines and regulations. The prizes are quite irresistible!
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