Friday, September 30, 2011

BlingBuubies Nursing Apparel is for Moms!

Duh. Who else need them? heheheheee..

Anyway, that's not the main purpose of my highlight for it.

Moms out there... especially who wear Baju Kurung... Jubah... and Blouse to go to work or shopping or visiting friends' houses, will find the attires very nice, pretty and practical. The owner, Kay has asked me to design a banner/ bunting sized 6ft x 2ft because she's expanding the shops  around Klang Valley and in the North.

Check out the site for more info.

And here's the Bunting which Kay loves so much :)!

Thanks a lot, Kay. I wish you All the Best!!

Enjoy :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

AyuJamal's e-shop!

A New Day, A New Look, for Ayu Jamal's E-Shop!

Thanks Ayu for your order and for appreciating my design :).
This loving mother of two is selling her Premium Beautiful like HOT cakes!
I pray your business will prosper and more successful... as time goes by... okey Ayu?

Ayu has asked me to make a HEADER and a matching little BANNER for her e-shop.

Check her SHOP out, OK?


Saturday, September 24, 2011


Someone sent me this song :).

Uriah Heep: Firefly

My love lives at
The end of a rainbow
One day I'm gonna
Fly there on a firefly
High above white angry water
With a love song in my heart

Someday, somehow
I know I'm gonna get there
I've been patient for so long
All my daydreams
Seem so much nearer now
And I beg you hear my song

On your glowing wings I'll ride
Till I sit beside
This dream of mine
Firefly, high on a risin' tide
Only wanna touch
The things I've seen

Steppin' lightly from star to star
Cross a wilderness of blue
Wonderin' how much
In love with me you are
'Cause I'm so much in love with you

Firefly, can you take me
I ain't had no lovin' lately
Firefly bring me love

To my new horizon
The one that I've still
Got my eyes on, my my firefly
Firefly, firefly, firefly

In my dreams you come to me
The answer to my prayer
As I begin to feel
You warm my heart
I awake and you're not there

Now and then I see your eye
As the stars begin to shine
No rain to cool my passion
No, Not now
No, now you're mine.

Inspired, I painted something for him...

" Fireflies in Love"
Watercolor Pencil & Digital Editing



**Especially for my Bee. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Once Upon A Mandala...

I would guess,many people are already familiar with the word "Mandala".
If you peek on Wiki, Mandala means "Circle" in Sanskrit, the classical Indian language.

Well, sometimes when I just want to get back into my drawing/ doodling mood (but have no idea what to draw or doodle)... I would draw some circles and just draw anything in it. Don't think, just let your hand draw anything at all... be loose... doodle and doodle within the circle... and see the result.

Sometimes, you'll get interesting images and patterns emerge in the circles.

Pardon my not too circle free hand mandala.. hihii

Mandalas are sometimes used for religion, spiritual or healing purpose too. Some people can see interpret what you're going through or your emotional state of being just by looking at what you draw in your Mandalas. 

A beautiful, creative visual artist named Laura Hollick in her blog, used Mandala as her Creativity Cleansing. Take a look at some of her cool Mandalas:

The bottom line is... for me, it is simply to get some creative juices flowing. And when you see them in circles, they are more focused and fun to look at.

So, for the fun of it, just take a piece of paper and draw some circles and fill them with whatever you want when you have the chance. 

I have one and still in progress... maybe I'll put some colors, later :)

Take care, everyone.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Flowers and Stars... For Sisters out there.

Song: Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka
Album: Hare Rama Hare Krishna
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi
Music: RD Burman
Phoolon Ka, Taaron Ka, Sab Ka Kehna Hai
Flowers and stars, they all agree
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai
My sister is one in thousands
Saari Umar Hamein Sang Rehna Hai
We will be together till the end of time
Yeh Na Jaana Duniya Ne, Tu Hai Kyun Udaas
The world could not figure out the reason behind your sadness
Teri Pyaari Aankhon Mein Pyaar Ki Hai Pyaas
Your lovely eyes reflect a longing for love
Aa Mere Paas Aa, Keh Jo Kehna Hai
Come close to me, tell me what you want to say
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai
My sister is one in thousands
Saari Umar Hamein Sang Rehna Hai
We will be together till the end of time
Phoolon Ka, Taaron Ka, Sab Ka Kehna Hai
Flowers and stars, they all agree
Bholi Bhaali Japaani Gudiya Jaisi Tu
You are like an innocent little Japanese doll
Pyaari Pyaari Jaadu Ki Pudiya Jaisi Tu
You are like a sweet tidbit of magic
Daddy Mummy Ka, Sab Ka Kehna Hai
Daddy, Mummy, and everybody else, they all say
Ek Hazaaron Mein Teri Behna Hai
Your sister is one in thousands
Saari Umar Hamein Sang Rehna Hai
We will be together till the end of time

P/S: To my siblings (esp my 4 lovely sistersn+ 1 sis-in-law) and 'sisters' out there who have become my friends through this virtual world, this song is for you. Thank you for being you.
Especially to my bee whom I miss so much (gone outstation), thanks for introducing this favorite of yours (among others) which has become mine too, now.
I'm not feeling that well, lately... kind of -bedridden for a few weeks (following doctor's advice).. hence such hiatus. But don't worry, I'm  still around and will be posting again... :). 
Take care.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Merdeka Boy!

Ok... so I'm very behind... but it's better late than never- they say.

31st August was Malaysia's Merdeka Celebration and I was supposed to update with a  B-day Card made for a boy born on that special day. But I postponed... aaah, so typical of me.

Isn't it great to have a public holiday on your birthday-  for as long as you live? (well, as long as you live in Malaysia, that is... )

Apart from this Card, I also created 2 bookmarks for his sisters- meant as my little belated gifts for their b-days.

They loved it. I heard :).
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