Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Once Upon A Mandala...

I would guess,many people are already familiar with the word "Mandala".
If you peek on Wiki, Mandala means "Circle" in Sanskrit, the classical Indian language.

Well, sometimes when I just want to get back into my drawing/ doodling mood (but have no idea what to draw or doodle)... I would draw some circles and just draw anything in it. Don't think, just let your hand draw anything at all... be loose... doodle and doodle within the circle... and see the result.

Sometimes, you'll get interesting images and patterns emerge in the circles.

Pardon my not too circle free hand mandala.. hihii

Mandalas are sometimes used for religion, spiritual or healing purpose too. Some people can see interpret what you're going through or your emotional state of being just by looking at what you draw in your Mandalas. 

A beautiful, creative visual artist named Laura Hollick in her blog, used Mandala as her Creativity Cleansing. Take a look at some of her cool Mandalas:

The bottom line is... for me, it is simply to get some creative juices flowing. And when you see them in circles, they are more focused and fun to look at.

So, for the fun of it, just take a piece of paper and draw some circles and fill them with whatever you want when you have the chance. 

I have one and still in progress... maybe I'll put some colors, later :)

Take care, everyone.



merahitujambu said...

wow..very nice

DoodleLicious said...

sangat....ttt cantik

ayu jamal said...

orang y paham seni je buleh faham kan..ayu x faham..yang ayu tahu cantik jer...

DoodleDesign said...

merahitujambu > tenkiu :)

DoodleLicious> owhhh.. mekaseh yaa..

ayu jamal> hehee..thanks for your appreciation, U.

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