Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Egg Flower & me..

Egg Flowers a.k.a Bunga Telur... are normally given to those who attend a Malay wedding as gifts or souvenirs. Here are a couple of examples:

Why eggs?
Because they symbolized fertility and a new beginning for the newly weds. If you google the images for "Bunga Telur" online.. you'll be quite overwhelmed by how vary, creative and beautiful they can be. Most of them are elaborately handcrafted... with all kinds of materials and accessories. I really admire those who have the patience and creativity of doing this thing. Not that easy, I can tell you that.

If I can contribute on anything for this beautiful handcrafting process, it will be a TAG.

Yup. I mean, the THANK YOU tags that you hang together with the eggs onto the Flowers. And that was exactly an order I received last week. A customer needed 600pcs of Bunga Telur Thank You Tags for an upcoming wedding... and she would love to have my cartoon on it. And so I designed and printed the tags for her :). This morning she said the tags have arrived and she's really happy about it. Phew! I'm so glad to hear that.

Hmm... next year, insyaAllah one of my sisters is set for a wedding. If I try very very hard, perhaps I could learn to handcraft some Bunga Telur for her wedding. But with millions of things to take care of before the day, maybe I'll offer to design and print some Thank You tags for her too. Hehee.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Animation Adventures!

In recent years, I've done some animated gifs for a few clients including an established phone company which used the animations for mobiles- MMS. If anyone wants me to create animated badge or logo... God willing, I can do it too.

Although an animation requires quite a lot more efforts than a still graphic image, I enjoy doing it. It's fulfilling to see your creations moving here, there and everywhere!! Teehehee. Years ago, I used to work for the animation department in the Grand Brilliance, TV3 where the team was working for a series of "Hang Tuah- the New Adventures." Unfortunately, during the economic down turn in 1999, the department was closed down :(. After that, I worked for a private design company and made a few animations for the Jabatan Alam Sekitar (Department of Environment Malaysia) which used to have a mascot known as Mat Jas. I then left the company to join another Art & Design company. And that was how my animation adventures almost ended... until I opened this blog and played around with it again :).

Very recently, a client asked me if I could do an animated header. She has some cool ideas for it :) The thing is, I could do the animation but failed to realize that I don't really know how to upload it in the WordPress Header! Perhaps, some knowledge on some html codings would help.. Argh!! 


I'm still searching for an answer on this matter. But so far, I found out that you can't install animation on the Wordpress Header. Really?

Well, if someone can teach or help me on this issue, it would be nice. I'm so curious to find a solution.

And that, my friends... is how an adventure is made up.
There'll be trials... and errors.
Some will see lights, some don't.

I wish you All the Best with your own Adventures :) !

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Well, this is a cool clip!

But the coolest thing about it is...- that's my little brother doing his acting bit! Wooohooo! You go Bro!
Ermm.. that's not his voice, though! haha.

Bye Bye Little Bird...

Hmm.. It's been a while since I participated the Illustration Friday (IF) themed challenges. A bit busy lately with my paintings.

I have sketched this little gal like 2 weeks ago in my little sketch book. When I saw the challenge this week at IF entitled "Launch", I thought I could send this one. And then, I thought... hey, an animation to demonstrate the launch would be nice too. Just a simple one :).

So, here goes..

Bye-bye Lil' Bird

If you have the chance, visit my Art Blog to see a new posting too, alrite?


Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hi... just to update my design works a bit, here. It's more for my own record, actually :).
I have designed a couple of Logos for two companies. After some discussions, proposals, alterations and so on, I managed to make the clients happy with the result.

Thank God :).

Some people think doing graphic design works are quite easy. They fail to realize that there's a lot of thinking and energy... and sometimes, research that goes into each design works. Your design doesn't work if you don't know how to make a good composition... or if you don't really know your colors... or you don't get symbols and shapes that could be meaningful to your creation. 

The aesthetic value of graphic designs is quite often been taken lightly by many. And putting a price to an idea is another thing. Some people can appreciate it, some just don't. You can find many copycats and cut & pasters (is there such a word?- whatever... you know what I mean, right?) around, nowadays. Internet makes a lot of great graphics designs available for grabs. And because they are in digital form, it's easier for people to steal from real designers and manipulate them in some ways. 

However, internet also makes it easy for more people to actually learn graphic design and be great designers without having to take a course in any colleges. This can be learned from some blogs with free lessons and You Tubes, etc. 

Oh, I don't really know why I'm blabbering about graphic design today. I think, I learned a lot about graphic designs more through experience over the years because during college, it was more on basics. It's a skill that required practice and you'll learn a lot by asking around... and through readings too. Some people have 'the eye' for design. How lucky :). For me, there's still so much to learn and I must keep improving my skill in this department. So, I'm really happy to have access to those generous blogs and You Tubes too. Nothing wrong with that, really. It's just bad when people steal from you :(. 

Anyway, there's another thing I've designed and this time, it was for my parents :) Actually, they were attending and are going to attend so many weddings here and there. With every weddings, they will bring a gift for the newlyweds... and apart from wrapping papers of all patterns and colors, they've also been buying quite a lot of small wedding Cards to go with the gifts. So, I've decided to design one card and print a few dozens for them. Haha.

My Mom really loves it. Yay!!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Wedding is On The Way...!

I've just sent a black & white Caricature to my gorgeous client and glad that she liked it. She said she's going to use the Caricature for her wedding give away ( printed on mugs). Wow... yet another lovely idea for wedding gifts, huh?

For Azilah, Congratulations and Best Wishes to you :)


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Amin!

Well, today I'm going to my eldest nephew's birthday party. He is 7 years old this year.
How time flies... wow.

I bought him a little something and made a 'quick' birthday card that actually matched the wrapping paper! hehe.

So.. the school holiday is ending soon and my youngest sister, Sue came for a sleepover at my apartment last night. We woke up early this morning and jumped into the swimming pool. Just the two of us... before more and more neighbors' kids woke up and made some noisy splashes too! That was fun.

While I was making my Card last evening, Sue also wanted to create one too! She made one super cool birthday card for her favorite nephew.. with a 'string' attached!

That's one cool move, huh?

Looking proud with her hand made card :))

Amin must be overjoyed today! He just loves Birthday Parties... as much as we do too ;P.

Have a Grrrreat 7th Birthday & May Allah bless you always, Amin.
Love you.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Farewell Fellas!

A client of mine who makes his living by scrutinizing rocks (err..some people say he's a geologist!).... is saying goodbye to his colleagues with a couple of parting gifts.

As my client is returning to his boat to venture yet to another uncharted part of the sea... I hope his colleagues will enjoy these special reminders of friendship they once had and will always have.


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