Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Egg Flower & me..

Egg Flowers a.k.a Bunga Telur... are normally given to those who attend a Malay wedding as gifts or souvenirs. Here are a couple of examples:

Why eggs?
Because they symbolized fertility and a new beginning for the newly weds. If you google the images for "Bunga Telur" online.. you'll be quite overwhelmed by how vary, creative and beautiful they can be. Most of them are elaborately handcrafted... with all kinds of materials and accessories. I really admire those who have the patience and creativity of doing this thing. Not that easy, I can tell you that.

If I can contribute on anything for this beautiful handcrafting process, it will be a TAG.

Yup. I mean, the THANK YOU tags that you hang together with the eggs onto the Flowers. And that was exactly an order I received last week. A customer needed 600pcs of Bunga Telur Thank You Tags for an upcoming wedding... and she would love to have my cartoon on it. And so I designed and printed the tags for her :). This morning she said the tags have arrived and she's really happy about it. Phew! I'm so glad to hear that.

Hmm... next year, insyaAllah one of my sisters is set for a wedding. If I try very very hard, perhaps I could learn to handcraft some Bunga Telur for her wedding. But with millions of things to take care of before the day, maybe I'll offer to design and print some Thank You tags for her too. Hehee.


Anonymous said...

Hi Baby,

a thousand you say? Well, print those Thank You tags away.

But when it comes to those tiny-weeny pinholes,

I'll be about 600 clicks north-northeast.


DoodleDesign said...

ermm...ermm..(cheez, mr.clarkson. how should i reply your clever remarks?;)

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