Monday, July 4, 2011

Up & Coming July Events!

Firstly, I just made a flyer for my returning client, Bling Lustre (Thanks, Kay! :). Their event of MOM's DAY OUT has returned this year with more fun and exciting activities. Please see the flyer and site for details if you're interested, ok?

Secondly, starting this weekend, the Flora Fest will grace the Malaysian scene again and this year, with the theme, "Roses are Forever." 

Venue: Waterfront, Precinct 2, Putrajaya
Date: 9 – 17 July 2011
Time: 9am -10pm (Mon – Thurs) and 9am – midnight (Fri-Sun)
Addmission: FREE

Well, the reason I'm announcing it here is because... I just love going to the Bazaar at the Floria- there's so much to see, shop and eat, plus a few of my flower paintings will be exhibited at the Malaysia Watercolor Society's (MWS) Booth. You can go ahead and click my flower painting below to go to my Art Blog and read more about it:-

And owh.. another happening event which I'm not so sure if I'll be going (hehee)...SimplySiti Gala Night & Festival.

I'm just helping my little sis here who's one of the Event's Organizers- to announce that there are still a few more of the Carnival Booths opened for any Vendors or Crafts sellers maybe interested..? Please contact Anna Yusoff personally at

While I was browsing to one of my creative blogger's sites ( mimpimurni- to be exact- yes, she has a very lovely, inspirational blog- do check it out!), I saw an interesting Event which will be held in PJ:

When: 16th July 2011
Where: Padang Astaka, PJ
Time: 12pm-12am 

Not sure what to say about this event as I've never been to one before. But who knows... if I don't have any other plan... owh wait!!... my niece's Birthday Party will be on the same day. That reminds me- must make a Cute Card for her :).

Hmm... what else huh?

Owh yess.. my lovely client, Ayu Jamal has a new header which was initially done for animation but because it couldn't run, now it's just a cool still header, nonetheless. So, I'd like to update it here too :)). Thanks, Ayu!

Well, look at how the time flies... in another month, Ramadhan will be here. Now, I'm off to create and propose a few Hari Raya Aildilfitri Card designs for my other client. I'm thinking of making a few Raya Wish animations too- for myself and for individuals who are interested to send personal MMS through their mobiles- yes, with your own Caricatures. I'll show some samples when I have the chance, ok?

Wish me Luck!... And I wish all the Best to you too :).


ayu jamal said...

thanks ET...
memang cantik sangat..nak tempah badge la pulak 1...

boleh..personal punya badge, ayu jamal..size..125 x 125 k

DoodleDesign said...

owh. seb baik tgk comment box ari nie.. hehehee. orait ayu.. thanks 2 u 2!

Myra Jay said...

Terjah dari blog Ayu..:)
Cantik header tu :)

puanbee said...

hai ET , cam mana ye nk tempah header .. gambar kartun satu keluarga , cr email tk jumpa pula ..

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