Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Boy, A Book Mark... & A Wedding Card.

My nephew, Amin was looking at my 'hanging' handmade bookmarks the other day (the ones for Kalerpalette's Vintage Bazaar- oh, look! some pictures from them, here- by the way.. ;)......

A few of the Book Marks were Sold. Will update on what's left here, later.

The gorgeous girls behind Kalerpalette with my "Vintage Dresses"!!

... and asked me to make one for him. Awww... I think it's nice for a kid of 7 years old to appreciate this kind of thing :). Well, not totally A surprise, though- as Amin really loves Art. He often watched his Artist dad, too.

Last 2 years, he drew my portrait. Still keep it on my fridge :-)

Exactly like me! 

So, anyway... because he asked, I made one hanging Book Mark for him:-

He loved it, of course. But now, his other brother, Haqeem also wanted one for himself. Hmmm... Guess he has to wait a bit because I'm in the middle of finishing some paintings for upcoming group exhibitions in August and September. Watch out for updates about it in my ArtBlog, soon :).

I'm just glad over the fact that I've printed and sent the 600 pcs of Wedding Cards to my neighbor's daughter. It was Custom Designed... according to what she (and her parents) wanted (and on budget too!). Quite simple and nice, English feel... with a cute touch of a little flower ribbons in front of the Card (which were patiently planted one by one on the Card with my Mom's and sisters' help- Thank God!)

Already, that's all for now..



Diana Evans said...

I love all of these amazing creations!!!! thank you so much for sharing these!!!!

Mary C. Nasser said...

Love your creations!
Being an aunt is the best, isn't it! ♥

Anonymous said...

ya salam..wallahi helwa!!

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