Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trading Doodle...

I've seen her cute, funny- doodle works before... and when I went to her blog, DoodleLiciouss recently, I saw that she is trading doodles!

This is one of CC's many adorable Doodles! Aww..

What an idea :).

Trading Doodle is a FuN thing to do. You get to share and exchange with others who love to draw/ doodle too.

Hey, why not...? I think, everybody CAN doodle. Even if it doesn't turn out nice, who's to judge? If someone judge, who cares? Because when it comes from you, it's unique.... and it's YOU. Just appreciate it.

So here's one for you, CC.  Hope you like it.

Would you like to Trade Doodle with me too?
Can't wait to receive a dudel from you, CC *wink*wink. hehehee.

Have fun, everyone.

Ramadhan is just around the corner. If I don't upblog soon, I'd like to wish everyone who'll be fasting, a Blessed and Great Ramadhan, insyaAllah.


DoodleLicious said...

ngeeeeeeee *sengih panjang*

sangat sangat sangat sukerrrr...sangat comelll

Semestinya saya nak trade ngan ET, hihi

Tapi saya nyer lambat sikit siap, sebab tgh final exam lagi..^^

tunggu yerrr..Thanks a lot

saya cello191 said...

i'm trying to make doodle..

hehe...yup,if it doesn't look nice..who's care.. it's MINE..^^

merahitujambu said... nice...salam ramadhan

DoodleDesign said...

Owh! Takper3x... CC fokus blajar dulu tau :). Nanti dah rilek2, wat lah satu. Glad u like it. :D

saya cello191- ha'aa.. kan? kan?

merahitujambu- timakaseh ya :)

♥ Nurhusna Syabani Hamzah ♥ said...

wahhh ! omeiii sangat3 ! suke3 :) tuh lah tak sabar menunggu dudel dari cik cc jugak ^^

DoodleLicious said...

really appreciate that ^^

Lulu Caldina said...

wah lawa tu.. huhu nak juga...
a doodle wearing chelsea jersey.. ;)

AnaAnis.MUsliMah said...

waaaa!! omei2x..

DoodleDesign said...

Nurhusna- owh! nak dpt dudel dr CC juga ya?

Thanks CC :)

Lulu- woo.. peminat chelsea la pulak. Lulu nak Trade Dudel ngan ET ker?

AnaAnis- waaa! mekaseh2x

ayu jamal said...


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