Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Vintage Market & Some things for Raya.

I know.. I know..
It has been a while since I last upblog-ed. ('upblog' is the term used when I tell my bee that I'm updating my blog.. hehe :)

What have I been up to?
Well, just a few things here and there... doing this and that.
Sometimes, when my hands are busy making things, I feel quite lazy to upblog. While the hands were working, the head was busy thinking and planning about things to do next. By the end of the day/ night, the whole body felt tired and just needed some rest.. and a good massage (*hint *hint ).

Ok now, firstly... let me update about another July EVENT coming up next weekend. I was excited to be invited by the fabulous Artsy gals at Kalerpalette to contribute some little things for them!

One of Kalerpalette's latest vintage Collection.

What Event did I hear you ask? This POSTER will tell you all about it...

As you might have known, I don't have any actual vintage stuff to sell but... but... I do have VINTAGE Dresses BOOKMARKS :) ! Tra la laa...

Hey, look who's peeking? It's Birdy Gaga! teeheehee.

These are just a few pieces of many more to come.. (I hope). They are fun to make but take a lot of time too- the hangers... the dress patterns... pheww! 

So, then there's another thing that I'm doing... which is designing and printing Custom Made Raya Cards plus Duit Raya Envelopes. Yes, some people still use them, in case you forget :). Let me show the one recently approved by a corporate client:

You know, even the songket on the Card was an original songket I took from my Dad's wardrobe (hehe.. thanks Abah!) and photographed by yours truly too.

I still think it's very nice to receive and send Raya Cards because they're tangible generous 'thoughts' which you can keep for years. But lately, of course, more people are sms-ing and maybe MMS-ing Raya Greetings- which is also good, as long as we don't forget who matters to us in festive times like this. That's why I also am offering to create a custom made greetings through MMS. A simple yet complicated animation of your own Caricature.

Let me show you a sample:

Yes, you can download this thing in your mobile and send MMS to your family & friends. It's like you buy only ONE Raya Card and can send to many people :) heheee...all for one, one for all, maa!

What do you think? If you're interested, please email me at

Owh, did I tell you I made a badge to the lovely AyuJamal.. who then ordered one more for her BFF blogger, Puanbee- as a gift? Thanks U :).

By the way, Ayu made a very thoughtful post on me last week- really appreciate that, U. Awww...

Adios for now, my friends...
Gotta make more 'vintage' hangers. hehee.

Take care :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Baby,

lovely theme, the vintage.
Perhaps the yesteryears weren't so bad at all compared to the hustle & bustle of the present.

And perhaps we both miss Panji Alam.

-vintage Codex-

ayu jamal said...

waa et..sampul raya pown boleh design eeh?

kira camana tu? nt email ayu k

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