Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Boy Who Loves Chuggington!

Choo Choooooooo!

Wow! This Boy will celebrate his 4th Birthday with some noise from the Chuggington railway tracks!

It was fun creating this piece.

Thank you so much for your order :).

Have Fun.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Boy, What A Joy!

It's a wonderful feeling to watch your child growing day by day.

Sometimes (I mean, MOST of the time), we would take his/ her pictures with our mobile phones.
But some people took it to another level of recording these growing up moments by hiring a Portrait Painter to paint, a Professional Photographer to photograph... or in this case, ME to Caricature. Ahaks!

You're looking at the same baby in the above picture. The "Sleeping Blue Bear" one was about a couple of days old and the "Super Boy" with his loving Mom was about 8 months.

Thank you for sharing these moments with me.
Thank you...
for hiring me.


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