Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Amin!

Well, today I'm going to my eldest nephew's birthday party. He is 7 years old this year.
How time flies... wow.

I bought him a little something and made a 'quick' birthday card that actually matched the wrapping paper! hehe.

So.. the school holiday is ending soon and my youngest sister, Sue came for a sleepover at my apartment last night. We woke up early this morning and jumped into the swimming pool. Just the two of us... before more and more neighbors' kids woke up and made some noisy splashes too! That was fun.

While I was making my Card last evening, Sue also wanted to create one too! She made one super cool birthday card for her favorite nephew.. with a 'string' attached!

That's one cool move, huh?

Looking proud with her hand made card :))

Amin must be overjoyed today! He just loves Birthday Parties... as much as we do too ;P.

Have a Grrrreat 7th Birthday & May Allah bless you always, Amin.
Love you.


Joni Nickrent said...

Now that is cool and sweet...what a treat!

lissa said...

sweet card! love homemade things. I think they mean more than any machine can do.

have a sweet day.

Christine said...

such sweet cards, very creative and pretty. Happy Birthday Amin!

Heather said...

you are all so talented and creative what great stuff!

Heather said...

you are all so talented and creative what great stuff!

kalerpalette said...

wowww..good one dek sue.and kak long!!

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