Friday, March 25, 2011


I saw an Octopus mending her Garden this morning... in my head - ha!

Octopus Garden!
I think, if you're an octopus, you'll be one efficient multi-tasker!

Have fun for the coming weekend :).
This one is for Whimsical Wednesday.. it's a bit early but Wednesday is coming anyway.



Judy Goddard said...

Well, she's certainly not a pickle puss! She's cute!

DoodleDesign said...

hahaha.. thanks, JUdy! Nice to have you dropping by :)

dthaase said...

wonderful addition to this week's whimsy - thanks for adding to the fun

Melisa said...

She looks so happy to be out of the water. Think she could come by and give me a hand with my gardening?

DoodleDesign said...

dthaase- you're most welcome!

Melisa- are you sure..? hehehee.

toyolkiut said...

klau la TK sekreatif tu..
sangat2 mnarik..
rasa nk copy je..
klau TK amik, boleh x?

DoodleDesign said...

TK kreatif gak apa.. :)suke TK tulis mcm2 kat blog! Nak amik? BOLEEEEY.. amik la.. nnt cakapla dari blog ET, k? huhuu.

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