Thursday, October 14, 2010

Updates on the "GIVE-Art-WAY" ! Woohoo..!!


I just saw the COMMENT section under my GIVE-Art-WAY post. I must say that I'm pleasantly surprised as more than 20 lovely Art Luvers are joining my 1st LUCKY DRAW. And there's another 2 days to go. How exciting!!! So far.. here are the names...

1. Aminah
2. Sabrina
3. Lin
4. Lina
5. Bea
6. Dewi's Artwork Station
7. Miznina
8. Ummu Umar
9. Neaflerida
10. Rosh
11.Kak Yong
12. Cute Mum
13. Nelly a.k.a Red Ribbon Gal
14. muffins Jue
15. Allycat
16. mama balqis
17. has
18. mama zharfan
19. ekin
20. Farha
21. Eya
22. mia
23. Nisa Azman
24. Farhana
25. nadiah
26. razipah
27. arenim
28. mama_umar_maryam

Know what? You guys have been patient.. (me too :).. so, I'd like you to take a "sneak peek" at the MYSTERY GIFT for the Most Lucky Person in this 1st GIVE-Art-WAY!

Hehe.. Told you it's just a "sneak peek"... a *hint *hint.... So, take a guess for now and Good Luck with that!

Psst..psst.. Tomorrow is 15th October and it's my younger sister's (Adda who has her own blog of vintage clothing for sale) time in the limelight! It'll be her BIRTHDAY!! I made her a handmade birthday Card. I hope she won't be reading this post before tomorrow (hihi). But I'd like to share with you guys ... :). Just don't tell her just yet.

I was so happy with my first handiwork of the GIVE-Art-WAY Bookmark that I decided to create another Little Dress with more accessories on it. Besides, I have quite a bit more of the fancy-swirling-pattern wrapping paper 'left-over' to work with. Hihihii. And those accessories came from.. err.. one of the wedding giveaways (bunga telur) I had been to.. somewhere. Well, my sisters know me well enough that I'm a bit of a 'hoarder'.. and I like to 'recycle' or 'reuse' stuffs. I say I'm just being 'practical' :). Heh.

Here's the Gifts for Adda  (the big one- I shared with another sister to buy.. :)

You know what else is nice about this Card? You could take the hanged Dress out and turn it into a Bookmark!

Told 'ya I'm a practical person, right? Huhuuuu..

So... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear dear sister who is not getting any younger.. kuikuikuii.
May God Bless you in everything that you do and if you get married next year, make sure you ask me to be your designer :). LOve you. Not much I can give.. No wise advice I can offer. As long as we live, insyaAllah I'll always be there.. forever.


LoLLiMia said...


Mama Zharfan said...

so cute!! i like!!

Red Ribbon Boutique & Blog said...

wow u are sooo talented!

bizzonline said...

no 21..x sabo da

Cute MuM said...

sungguh cantik...

kalerpalette said...

Thank you Kak Long..cant wait to receive your pressiess...and the card too!! Not so surprise anymore huh..ahah..but i really appreciate it!!!love it!!! see u later at home!!!mmuahhhhhss..sayang u so much!!

Nisa' Azman said...

haha..ET, looks like ur surprise isn't a surprise anymore..
btw, like I've said before, certainly luv luv luv that dress bookmark!!! ^_^
Thnx for putting my name on the list, I'm no 23~!!

Allycat said...

Gorgeous gift, love the card and the dress!xx

kakyong said...

hepi belated besday to ur sister Adda.. & i like my lucky number... ;)

Rosh said...

cutenyer kad.. your sis is so lucky coz u r her sis.. btw HaPpY bItRhTdAy to your sis!

d mystery gift.. so inviting... hehehe..

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