Thursday, October 28, 2010


Shopping is fun, but it has a nasty bi-product and it is called plastic bags!

Sometimes, I don't want to shop that many things. But 'that not-so-many-things' may not fit my two not-so-skinny hands! What I need is a shopping bag.. RECYCLE one! By now, many of us should know that every Saturday is the "NO PLASTIC BAG DAY" in Selangor. For me who's not into huge hand bags nor totes, plastic bags were so convenient to carry stuff that I bought from the drugstore or kedai runcit. But now, I'm making a pledge to lessen its usage even on other days.. and I'm going to have a few recyclable shopping bags ready in my car wherever I go. ( Chanting in my head : ..i must remember this.. i must remember this..!)

What I need now is.. to look 'cool' using the bag :-D. heh. So I painted a little Art on my Non-Woven Shopping Bag, yesterday.

Non-woven bags can be reused countless times and are recyclable. They're really durable! Doing so not only earns you brownie points with Mother Nature, but you will soon reduce the clutter of having plastic bags stashed everywhere at home. I have so many of them in a little nook of my kitchen and I don't know what to do with them now... send 2 recycle centers? But they're so non biodegradable - what will the centers do, huh?

Next time, bring a non-woven bag or two along before you head off to the supermarket for groceries and say NO to plastic bags at the cashier. We should be creating a healthier world, one decision at a time!

In line with this message, I'm happy to be able to sell to you a few of my LIMITED ART Eco Bag. And of course, the artworks are original- freshly hand painted. The idea, effort, time and energy put on each artworks are personal & priceless. It's hard to put a price on something like this, actually. But I'm selling it for the sake of Art, for the environment and also for a good cause. Yes, helping the environment is already a good cause but I'm talking about- for every sale made from my ART Eco Bags, I'll donate 10% to a single mother whom I know and in need of monetary fund. See, I'm not a rich artist.. sobs.., but I'd like to help in any way I can, insyaAllah.

PRICE RM 12 only 
(postage included if more than one, + RM5 if one piece only)

If you like the same design as my 1st Bag, I could make one for you in no time too :)

PRICE RM 12 only 
(postage included if more than one, + RM5 if one piece only)
If time permits, there will be more to come.

Thank you in advance, for your interest and help :). Only God could return your kind gesture with much blessings in life.


Disclaimer: For any repeated designs, colors may vary from the one you see here- Hand drawn & colored maa... quite impossible to get exactly the same each time.. hehe.



Anonymous said...

Aah. That explains the pack of bags lying around.

Can I order 3 please? One with John, the other Paul and lastly George.

john - let it green
paul - the green & winding road
george - here comes the green

Thanks, Baby.


Azah Skaliskala said...

aww..cute! good doodle job :)

DoodleDesign said...

OK Codex.
..anythin' 4 you, hon ;)

Tankieuu Azah. Nice of you to drop by.. Have fun!

Non Woven Bag said...

cantik design non woven bag.. =)

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