Monday, October 4, 2010

October's Special Gift!!

And the special gift is.. ME!! hehe... well, to my parents, at least (many first borns are special until they make some trouble while growing up- heh).

Wow.. I haven't blog for a while.
Well, I don't have a good excuse for that :- /

But anyway, OCTOBER is here! It's a special month since.. I'm gonna have my __th birthday this coming 8th! And this is the 2nd year I'm celebrating my birthday while blogging. My blog is still pretty new, I guess. I need to keep pace with this virtual world. I feel like I'm falling behind :(

But right now, I have a couple of NEWS to you, my virtual friends..

Firstly, my Art Endeavor- as one would say... has been featured in one of the local Newspaper last 2 weeks!

Phew... I'm very2 shy about it..huhuu.. but it's already 'out' for many to see. When I first started blogging, I thought I just want to be an anonymous face behind a blog.. so.. yeah.., you could say that I'm quite a private person. Anyway, as I thought long and hard about it, I realized that the article may inspire some people to pursue Art as their field of choice...or continue the passion and make a living out of it too :))

Secondly, wait for my next post as I'll be announcing DOODLEDESIGN FIRST ever...........................
"GIVE-Art-WAY" LuCkY DrAw!!!  
But..but.. I wonder if there'll be any respond from anyone.. but I'm so happy because it's my birthday month- so, no matter what happens, I'd like to share some free ARTsy stuff with any lucky person who may join :)).

In the meanwhile, check out this very inspirational blog that I love... her blog makes me wish I have a daughter :)... huuuhuu...

Well, she said she was "out to lunch"- a very long one... but gladly, she's popping in once in a while. A very creative person she is.. and Disney is her name. What I like best about her is that she makes do with what she has. All one needs is a little imagination.

and Owh!.. don't forget to check out my next post, ok?


Anonymous said...

They koyak my gambar!

-Hj Codek Labu-

DoodleDesign said...

Tarzan mana pakai keris..?


Allycat said...

Thanks for Ruffles and stuff... I love her blog, oh and so wish I had a little girl as well.

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