Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Discovering the Art of Life.

I was surfing the net.. yet again.. to search for more inspirations..

Actually, I'd like to do something new from now on. I would like to FEATURE or MENTION other sites in my posting from time to time. Sites that have given me some inspirations and something to think about.. for today and everyday of my lives. What I hope is.. they'll inspire everyone who reads my blog too. Maybe sometimes these sites have nothing to do with Art.. because I also love to see what others do in their LIVES. I've always loved to observe, study and learn how PEOPLE live their lives (err..this doesn't mean, I nak jaga tepi kain orang- err..maybe kadang2 jer kot?).. what makes them tick.. what makes them moves on in this ever changing life.

You know, this what I call, "The Art of... Life." My dad used to repeat this phrase, " The Art Of..." for every single thing he could think of.. like, The Art of Eating, The Art of Talking, The Art of Reading Out Aloud, The Art of Walking,..hmm, you get the drift, right? By now it has somehow ingrained in my head. But it's a wonder why I still don't get the hang of.. The Art of Blogging. Hmph!

Anyway, let me tell you a lil' secret about me. In recent years of my life, a few life changing events took place and I realized something about myself that never occurred to me ever before. I've developed a keen interest in Natural Healing especially after I got a severe chicken pox attack at the age of 33 (Yup! I'm pretty old already by now).

So, I was curious to know and learn how to get well without having to use conventional medicine. I was determined to use less medicinal drugs unless at the state of extreme emergency!! Then.. as an old wise Chinese Proverb saying goes.. When the student is ready, the teacher will come. Timely enough as my then neighbor introduced me to this Color Vibration.. Holistic Therapy Treatment.. Aromatherapy.. and stuff like that. She asked me to join her and enroll to a few courses offered by an established organization to understand the basics of human body. And so, I did. After that, the rest was history. Yup.. it was a history since I didn't  finish the courses with a Practitioner Cert. I had a financial and a few personal, I stopped. But my timely neighbor continued her pursuit and now she and her husband have their own Clinic. It has been in operation for more than 3 years now.

My knowledge on Natural Healing is still pretty shallow, I'm still learning..whether it has to do with Herbs..or Massages..or Islamic Way of Healing from inside-out.. but my point is, I appreciate my life more when there's so much to DISCOVER about human being as a whole, as God's servant and Life in general. Knowledge is really a lifelong pursuit.. and as a Muslim, I'm truly at awe by how vast and great Allah's creations all around us.There is an illustration from the endless knowledge of Allah (s.w.t.) in this holy verse which has been depicted by mentioning a very expressive and comprehensive similitude. It says:

"And if all the trees on the earth were pens and the sea
added to seven seas (were ink in the writing), (yet) would
not the Words of Allah be exhausted; Verily Allah is the
Mighty, the Wise."

You know, I was thinking.. I'd like to find a point where I could join my interests in Art and Healing together. But HOW the heck to do it..? Creating Art that Heals.. perhaps? My Art has never been far from human figures which is my favorite subject.. it could be serious and it could be fun.. but how to develop it with healing elements.. or something like that? Hmm.. I still have got a lot of thinking to do. That will keep me amused for quite some time.

For my those who read my blogs (doodledsgn & yartstik)..perhaps, you guys are witnessing something unique here. You are witnessing a person.. or an artist, I might say.. who's developing herself through a path of uncertain yet exciting discovery. You'll see some thought and work processes of an artist in dilemma. Destination.. unknowable. So, we'll see..

IN the meantime, I'd like to share with you an interesting site of a blogger by the name of Rose who's a herbalist, healer and an artist nonetheless.. who lives in Northwest Hills, CT, USA. She doesn't know my existence.. and I don't know her personally but her site is quite an inspiration to me.You'll see some nice photos around her lovely place and the things that she does almost everyday of her life. Her site is appropriately named, What I Made Today.



Anonymous said...

Healing is a slow process.

Perhaps the healing should start from within.


DoodleDesign said...

Yup. Definitely a slow process.. and definitely from within :)

Diana Evans said...

Hi DoodleDesign....the book is for illustrators all over the world...first come first reviewed and once approved they will be part of the book....Illustration jobs these days are open to people all over the world with technology....half the time we never even meet our clients face to marketing your work globally is important for a bigger presence....

hope I answered your question....

Anonymous said...

The Art of Science.... :)

Aida Ahmad

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