Friday, October 22, 2010


Hehe.. The First prize Winner's Caricature :).. from my 1st Blog Giveaway- Lucky Draw.

You all keep smiling... Alrite? You never know when you could get Lucky!


Allycat said...

Hey ET, this is really good!xx

DoodleDesign said...

If you think so! :)) Thanks dear.

Anonymous said...

Owh! Ada oreng suda potong saya punya jalan!

-Haji Codex Labu-
(sore loser - still at it)

evelyn said...

this is my friend's art blog :o) hopefully you'll like his illustrations and support him by followin'. would mean a lot <3

Azra Momin said...

Yati, you are so talented, MashaAllah. Love your drawings. What color pencils do you use?

DoodleDesign said...

Hi Azra! Thanks for taking the time to visit my humble blog here.

Well, right now I'm using DERWENT pencil colors. They're brilliant!

Come again, ok?

Anonymous said...

Aha! Gotcha.

Now I know where Der went.

(so lame. shaking own head. tsk tsk)


DoodleDesign said...

When u r right; u r right, dear..
tsk tsk tsk.

Try again.

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