Wednesday, October 6, 2010

COME&JOIN my 1st 'GIVE-Art-WAY' Lucky Draw!!

Actually I plan to announce this on the 8th October- but I'm so excited, I can't wait any longer! :) Yeeeaahaaa!

Dear friends, I'm so happy if you wanna join my 1st Give Away or as I call it, "GIVE-Art-WAY"- get it?!

The purpose of this 'special event' is to be able to share some Artful Stuff with you- especially stuff created by yours truly :). The thing is, as you get older.. and wiser (I supposed).. you tend to think about how much time you have left (well, at least, I'm speaking for myself here), and this thought often leads to how you would like to be remembered when you're gone.. or what purpose your being here on earth- even in the smallest circle of your families, friends or maybe, pets... or what else can you do to achieve your dreams & happiness or make your loved ones happy..? Have you done enough? See, we all know we are going to die some day.. so I think,  it'll be quite selfish to keep everything to oneself. The more you share, the more you prosper, some people say... and what goes around, comes around.. but most importantly,.. .Sharing is Caring.. huhuuu.

Just so you know.. craft is not really my thing (somehow, jadik 'kerastangan' when it comes to sewing and crafting) but still, I'm always very curious to learn & create some crafty stuff once in a while. Experimentation and exploration are the key to success. haha. So, please pardon my crafting misadventures in this blog.. if I ever get my hands on it, I mean. I say this because one of my 1st Handmade Craft- a cute looking dress on a wire hanger (something I just learned to do), will be one of my little give-aways. But hey, it's the effort that counts, right? hehee.

Now, the LUCKY WINNERS will receive...

Please note that the 1st Prize will also get one 'Mystery' gift..whooa!! Can't tell you just yet.. must wait until the dateline. Ok? 

Easy.. easy ..easy..
All you need to do is.. in the COMMENT BOX under THIS POST, please leave:-
B) Your LINK (if you have a blog I could visit..) or EMAIL
C) Link DoodleDesign to your site or FB will increase the chance to win :)
D) Lastly, say something nice to me or you're out of the game, babe. Muahahaa!!

So, it's about 10 days, my friends.. take it or leave it :o
WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT will be on 18th October 2010.

Because it's a LUCKY DRAW, everyone has equal chance to win. So, juz JOIN me for the FUN of it. Alrite?

What are you waiting for? You've got nothing to lose.. but time.

(humming the birthday tune already).. tra la la la laaaa..


cicakgirl said...

The doodle design are unique and cute!I like it.

Thank you.

Sabrina said...


I love your way with colours! How you bring life to your caricatures once you colour it in.. not a lot of people can pull that off.

And dare i say happy birthday? LOL

Anonymous said...

Name:Mystery girl
Link:No link

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
This blog is the best,
I think so are you!!

Just tryin' my luck..hehe

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...


Hello dear! I've always admired your artwork. It's one of a kind! Hope you will stay creative and bring joy to others with your creativity!

Thank you so much for the invitation to join this it!


Lina said...

Hi Kak Yati,
Just trying my luck on this contest!

Name : Lina
Link :

I grew up watching your art grow and blossom like a baby to a toddler. it's only right that u capture mine in your art.. hehe..

Anonymous said...

Hi Baby,

you have to be

young and foolish,

before you can be like,

ahem, me.

Old and wise.

Happy Birthday, nevertheless.

-codex- said...

Yea thanks for ur great opportunity to open ur GA to public. Im lovin' it

name : Bea
blog :

Linked ur web dear..

Yeah I was amazed with ur artwork... Your hand was so amazed. Hope you always keep producing more and more and more for your fan .. God Bless you dear..

Dewi's Artwork Station said...

name: Dewi's Artwork Station

sy bkn lah anak sy sukakn seni..adakalanya lukisan boleh melambangkan segalanya tanpa perlu diungkapkan

hasil seni anda sgt sy kagumi. ya. seni itu pelbagai kan. kerana rasa yang dianugerahi Illahi juga pelbagai. dan anda dapat menghasilkannya dgn baik. hanya melalui lukisan.

lukisan anda, adakalanya kelihatan 'hidup'.. sy suka :)

MIZNINA said...


this is my first time blog-walking here but i instantly fell in love at first sight with ur artworks.

*linked u ^_^*

DoodleDesign said...

Cicakgirl- Happy u cud join :)

Sabrina- Thank u 4 your compliment on my coloring works & B'day wish!

Mystery Girl- Oh dear.. u shud leave your email, at least? Thanks anyway!

Lin- I really love your Cards!!

Linaa!- waaa... so sweet maaa.

Codex- Old & Wise, huh? hmmm..

Bea- I'm amazingly happy 2 c u
here :)

Dewi- oowh.. Thanks 4 your appreciation. Tuhan bagi pinjam, kita guna sebaik mungkin :)InsyaAllah.

Nina- Who knows if your BlogWalk turns into LUCK, kan, kan?

Ummu umar said...

Salam kenal tuan blog!

i posted on my blog,

my first blogwalking just 2 read about your giveaway and i like your handmade bookmark bcoz its look unique! Hope lucky that gift 4 me!

nEa FleriDa said...

slm dear ;)

love ur blog! really ;D
n already follow ur blog ;)
sbb pasni sngla nk tgok hsl tgn org bebakat mcm sist!

id ; neaflerida
blog :

hrp sy bertuah ;)
thanks for the nice giveaway dear ^_^

Rosh said...

Hi Birthday Girl!

I like your caricature... sooo cun.. If only I can draw like you.. (sigh!)

Come & have a look at

already follow u. just wanna try my luck...hihihi...

my link:
my email:

Anonymous said...

hi Baby,

How right you are.

At this point of time,

I guess I have to settle

to being

old and foolish.



kakyong said...

salam kenalan ET,

hasil kerja memang unik dan punya sentuhan tersendiri... terus kan berkarya, usaha sia2 kan anugerah & bakat... ;)



Cute MuM said...


Cute Mum memang terigin nak gambar karikatur tue... Cantik sangat hasil kerja anda... Harap2 dapatlah hadiah tue.. heheh...

Semoga terus maju...

Nama : Cute Mum
Link :
Email :

Red Ribbon Boutique & Blog said...

Nelly a.k.a Red Ribbon Gal
I linked you already on my blogroll, dear...
Like your drawing and caricature so much! I wish I can be winner so I can get a caricature of myself by you!!! Me likey!

DoodleDesign said...

Hiii everyone :)

Ummu Ammar- huhuu.. ada gak org suka bookmark i tu. Thanks!

Nea- thanks 4 joining in the Fun!

Rosh- yup! It's all about Luck. Good Luck & thanks.

Codex- hmm..but sometimes, I do love your old&foolishness.

Kak Yong- Timakaseh dapat Join!

Cute Mum- keep praying, babe :)

Red Ribbon- Thanks a lot dear!

muffins Jue said...

name: muffins Jue

1st time singgah sini..mmg kagum tgk hasil kerja u sis..suka sgt dgn lukisan karikatur tu..harap bertuah dpt lukisan tu..hasil keje yg sgt berbakat..keep it up dear.. :)

Allycat said...

Honey, I don't know what you're on about - your art is awesome!Love your drawings and watercolouring. Do some cats please.... I didn't know of your lovely existence so tq for leaving a message on my chatbox, now you can't get rid of me ..haha (only kidding, i'm not a stalker!). Love the way you write (so funny-lah), wish I could do the same:( Anyhow, I've added you to my blog list n will be following your art fr now on.Take care & tq for a chance to win beautiful art, wouldn't mind doing swap one day if you fancy any of mine. Do you do ATCs? we cud swap ATC?Hugs, Allycat,

Mama Balqis said...

mama balqis

suka tgk hasil kerja saudari ET....cantik dan cute...nk buat tak reti...jadi harap dpt menang hadiah yg suke........

haszuraidah ishak said...


saya nak join jugak..

nama: has

uniknyer ur design on wedding card.. suke, berkenannyer kat ur caricature tu..hope me bertuah!!


Mama Zharfan said...


count me in!!

my name : mama zharfan

my blog :

i've always loved doodle fact i'm a big fan of anything doodle or doodling thingy!! and i love ur cute work as well!!!

ekinashikin said...

count me in..


ET,ur GA are wonderful..Ur caricature..It touched my heart."


fafafo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fafafo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fafafo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fafafo said...

hello,my name is farha:-)
my blog is:

one meaning with many words:


i choose one of them...beautiful GA!!!!

thanx for ur info bout dis beautiful GA:-)

gudluck my fren:-)

bizzonline said...

salam..Tuan Tanah

saya nak join ye

nama: Eya


Pestaim sy msk blog ni,dulu2 la..
sy tgk awk lukis karikatur..perggghh..
tarbaekkkkkkkk..detail sgt,halus hasil seni. mmg terbaek la.
bnyk kali jugak tgk artwork awk.. n pernah uar2kan kat my hubby psl karikatur awk yg malatops tu.
sememangnya sy sukekan hasil seni awk. trskan berkarya. x ramai org ade bakat cmni..

*harap2 sy yg bertuah..nk merasa gak hasil sni org.

Nisa' Azman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LoLLiMia said...

i'm joining~!!

name : mia

link :

email :

adorable artwork..and i like your quote "this thought often leads to how you would like to be remembered when you're gone"..quite touching :(..and i want one..heeeee

Nisa' Azman said...

Juz joined! hope I'm not too late!! "^_^

Ur drawings are super nice!! Luv that grad drawing esp! maybe u could draw me when I'm graduated, hihi.. Seriously!!

btw, reaaaalllly luv that dress-on-a-wire-hanger bookmark!! Mine mine mine!! hihi..

Nisa Azman

n..I wrote a whole entry about ur blog. Do check it out! ^_^

cikanna said...

count me in ya!!

nama : farhana

saya suka dengan cara anda bermain dengan warna,nampak hidup dan punya seribu makna,saya suka hasil seni anda


cikanna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nadiah said...

salam kenal,
nama saya : nadiah
email :
hasil tangan sungguh cantik,look cute,unik
anda berbakat n terus kan berkarya

happy b'day

imanmom said...

salam kenal,
love your artwork,berseni..
terus kan berkarya


happy b'day

@renim said...

Hye ET,
Thanks invite me to join your giveaway....hehehehhe....

saya suke hasil kerja ET sbb kemas,mengikut kehendak pelanggan & senang bekerja dgn ET(harga pun berpatutan)... lukisan ET pun cantik,comel & kreatif... n Happy Belated Besday Yek...

NAME: @renim


mama_umar_maryam said...

slm kenal dr mama umar & maryam ;)

how i wish 2 b creative like u ;p
all d best!

email :

DoodleDesign said...

Thanks to everyone who's participating. The time will be up by 12pm on the 16th.

I'm pretty excited to pick up the Lucky Winners. I really wish I could give something 4 each & everyone who wished me all the good things in life :).

But what I could offer now is a little prayer from the very bottom of my heart.. may God bless each & everyone here with happiness that you're looking for in life.

Take Care..,

DoodleDesign said...

Oh yes,

arenim dear- thanks a lot 4 being a nice client to me :).. and promot2 tu.. hehe

mama_umar_maryam- I think you're creative in your own ways :). owh.. your lovely kids are super cute. geramnyeeer i tengok.

AnaAnis.MUsliMah said...

Name: Anis

Nak cakap aper urmmmm~~
In art, theres no such word saying that masterpiece ni cantik..yang tu hudoh..bcoz seni itu satu kreativiti..and kreativiti create identity...^^,+++ with identity= "special one" were born..

AnaAnis.MUsliMah said...

xdew keje btol..XD!!

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