Monday, July 26, 2010

Are Black & White- Colours?

Truth be told, I've been quite confused about this matter. Some people said they are some people said they are not. But what I gather is that the matter has to be explained in a couple of ways- artistically and scientifically.

In art, white is the absence of all color and black is the presence of all color. If you mix all the primary colors- RED+YELLOW+BLUE, you'll get BLACK.

And of course, if you have a blank white paper and you paint on it and left some parts with no paint, the latter will be seen as white- no color. But what if you have a black surface and you need some white in the painting.. then you'll have to use 'white paint'- and that's color..?

Scientifically, we have understand how our eyes perceive colors. Ok- I was a science student before and I should know this. Thanks to my science teacher who explained that our eyes understand colors because of light that enters our eyes. When all the colors are combined, it makes white. These colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. So here, they say that WHITE is a color and BLACK is the absence of color. Black can also be defined as the visual impression experienced in directions from which no visible light reached the eye.

See the apple? Why we see it as as RED color? The surface of a red apple absorbs all the colored light rays, except for those corresponding to red, and reflects this color to the human eye. Get it?

For an artist.. colors are important. Black, white and all.. are crucial to make certain impact on any art works. It doesn't matter whether black and white are colors or values or anything else one would define... The important thing is to convey what we want others to see in our visual expression. But what I like about colors is that they could also speak on emotions. Black could be seen as darkness.. a obscurity; and white could be seen as purity.. serenity..and spirituality.

Thank God.. He gave us eyes to see. If we are blind, He gave us eyes in our hearts to 'see' in another way. Just close your eyes.. what can you see? Can you see black? Can you see white? Some people told me that if you like to wear Black clothing, that means you are hiding some secrets or maybe you could keep secret very well. And if you like wearing White.. you are a spiritual person. You have a spiritual tendency in your life- to do good things.. to understand your faith and you constantly thinking about God. What if you like wearing black & white? Well, people just might see you as a lizard's poop (tahi cicak). hehe.

Oh yes, before I forgot, I'd like to share my Black& White caricature here :)

It's Monday today. I hope it's not a blue one for you & me...


Anonymous said...

Tahi cicak sounds familiar.

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