Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DoodleD in MondayArtday!

About 2 weeks ago, I submitted 2 of my caricatures for MondayArtday as The Challenge posted was Caricature.
 It ended 1st March and guess who won? Well...err... unfortunately, it was not me. But even so, I feel honored as the host, Mike mentioned my works as one of his favs. Thanks Mike. Please go to the site to know the winner and more upcoming challenges to spice up your Art&Design Life!!

"...Sometimes I look back on the challenge, examining all of the entries, and I weep. I curl up, sucking my thumb, crying like a baby. You artists are all so good, it's so unfair for anyone to have to judge a winner. A few of my favorites were DoodleDesignCheeky Kids and Meet the In-Laws - - Vicente - Nicolas Sarkozy (excellent and very professional, with classic ink shading) - Doodlestreet - Michael Jackson - and I always love Barry'sBeatle Beetle - and, of course, our very own Pascal's wonderful work (and incredible volume!)" 
- Mike, Host of MondayArtday

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