Thursday, January 5, 2012

Freebie_Wallpaper January 2012!

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Hello there!

Yup. I'm still alive and kicking (...well, a lot of kicking mostly come from the little one in my tummy, actually). 

Alhamdulillah... I'm well into almost 6 months of pregnancy now.
Phew! Moms out there- you know how it is... Changes are inevitable throughout your body. When your 'catwalk' turns into a 'waddle'... ahhh... it's going to be a bit of a downhill from here on. I guess, it's a good time as any to reflect what our Mother has gone through after all these years.

Anyhow, I'm so thankful to His Almighty. Not only for giving me the chance to see another light of the day, but also to keep on moving forward with my own life... and family.

I have mixed feelings entering the New Year. Perhaps it's normal... perhaps it's hormonal. I just want to keep on praying that my baby will be all right and have a healthy delivery in early May 2012. 

Well, there's so much to do and to look forward to. Life has so much to offer as long as you're breathing.

My younger sister is getting married- also in May 2012... but towards the end. Most probably, I'll still be in confinement but hopefully, I'll be well enough to witness her ceremony with my little one :). InsyaAllah.

Oh yes! At the very end of 2011, I have created two B'day Cards- to my nephew, Shaqeel (4 years old) and his cousin, Myrra (10 years old). I would like to share them with you here before I forgot...

Why no colors? Because they're supposed to color these by themselves! Yayyy!! I know Myrra loves coloring. She really appreciated the Card. As for Shaqeel, he only cared about the awesome gifts he received from everyone. Huhuu...

As you can see earlier in this post, I've made a Wallpaper Doodle as a January freebie. I plan to this every month :)). InsyaAllah.

Another thing is... I'm in the mood to make a GIVEAWAY soon. Hmmm... but I'm thinking more about a COMPETITION of some sort. Stay tuned, alright? 

Have a good day/ nite!


aisha said...

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Hadi Marosadee 히스 said...

i take one!! thank you .. look forward for feb's calendar wallpaper .. =]

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