Thursday, January 19, 2012

UPDATES on my GiveAway#3...

Enjoy this video I took while the bird was building it's small yet amazing nest!

By the way, I feel sorry for taking my time to update my blog early this year due to some personal reasons.

The truth? hahahaaa...
Already then...

perhaps I should give you a peek to the GA Prizes!

As I mentioned before, we will have 5 lucky winners. They will receive...

 2 Pelikan pens each!
1 Black&White Digital Caricature each too!

We still have time till the end of month... why don't you give a TRY just for the FUN of it? 

 ENTER the Challenge NOW! 

Look who have taken up the GA Challenge so far- Thanks you guys :D ! Such a sport.

1. codex
2. Artventurekids
3. BlackPumpkin
4. Diana Evans
5. Ildiko
6. Fairuz Hamizah
7. KimiChee

P/S: Entry with no "thought bubble" will be disqualified... so don't forget about it, alrite?

Have fun!


feza said...

banyakkan rehat.. nnti kan makin teruk sakitnya

ayu jamal said...

cute yang pegnent tuh

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