Thursday, January 26, 2012

LOVE is...

... as Love does.

Okey... I just came up with that one, really. Does it make any sense to you?

I would like to thank my sweet client, Ira who is blogging at and has reviewed a bit on DoodleDesign. 

I really enjoyed making the cartoons for her Love Book called "Ceritera Cinta" and if you go to her blog, you could see that this was the third one she created about her stories and views on Love. All based on her own feelings dedicated to her loved one. Awwww...

Now, let me give you a peek on the one that I made for her through this animated window:

Wordings by my client, Ira from and illustrated & animated by me :)

When I was first approached by Ira to draw the cartoons, I thought she might have compiled the "Love is..." from Kim Casali, one of my favorite cartoonists (late 1960s). But no... it was very coincidence as she has written this before she knew about Kim's famous works!

Love is.jpg

So, you see... that's how powerful LOVE is...;
      you could create something really great when it truly comes from your heart :).

Keep blogging, Ira. I hope your all dreams will come true and all the best with your wedding plans and preparations.

Love is…
Love is... #58 (1995)
not asking how much her new dress cost.

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