Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Exchanging Art!

About two weeks ago, I've decided to join in the Art Exchange at Kak Emila's Blog which required one to make and exchange an Original Hand Drawn/ Painted Postcard with her own. So HAPPY that  I've received it safely last Friday :). What a lovely postcard... It's a very neat & clean work... simple, with the use of the monotone color.

In exchange, I'll post her the one I painted recently. Also using watercolor and ink as the medium. The lady riding the Dragon was supposed to be kak Emi... Hehehee. 

This whole week, Malaysians- particularly of Chinese descendants will be in the mood of Celebrating the Lunar New Year. Another long 'break' after the looong school break at the end of last year. Kids, you have no idea how lucky you're, living in Malaysia :).

Here's a work from my nephew, Amin (7 yrs old)... wishing Happy Chinese New Year with a Dragon which seems to be struck by a lightning and some Angry Birds with different and quite weird activities around the House. He said he wants to sell this for RM25.80 (seriously!). Anyone interested, please get in touch with me. Heee..

Have Fun.

And owh... Forget NOT my GA#3 Challenge is still going on until end of January! Don't be shy... Come & JOIN in the fun :).

1 comment:

Kasihnya Cinta said...

Salam Kak;

You've been review here. Thank you for your beautiful work.


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