Saturday, January 7, 2012

DoodleDesign's GIVEAWAY#3 CHALLENGE of 2012!

Well, well, well... what do you know? Can you believe this is my 250th post? Because I'm not much of a blogger, this is somewhat an achievement for me. Hehehee.

I guess it's TIME.

Time for another DoodleDesign GIVEAWAY!!! The 3rd one, to be exact.

I'm not good at making a sticky post. I'm just going to make this a FUN, Creative Giveaway with a little CHALLENGE!

But let me start with a little story....

While I was pregnant for the first time in the Year 2008, I noticed a little bird was building a nest right outside my younger sister's bedroom windows. And when I gave birth to a stillborn child, later in early 2009... I saw it started feeding its chick. Looking at them during my confinement days brought a little comfort to my sadness... until one day, for an unknown reason, I saw the baby bird dangling from the nest... dead. After a long while, none of us ever seen the little bird builds a nest again.

Surprisingly, towards the end of last year... and yes, at the time when I've already found out I was pregnant again, the little bird came again- to the very same spot!!! Was it the same bird or different? No one could tell for it looks exactly as the same one that came by before.

So this little bird which I always thought as a Hummingbird or burung kelicap... is actually known as the Brown/ Plain-throated Sunbird. Watching it building its nest is really like a mini National Geographic experience (a live one!). This time, I managed to capture the nest building progress as I came by the house from time to time. I've also taken a short video when it was busy coming and going to the nest. Perhaps, I could share that later in my next post.

For now, let's see some shots and please bear in mind that by the end of these pictures, you'll have the chance to enter my GIVEAWAY CHALLENGE! :)


Under this post's COMMENTS box, please give me:

I) Your Name:
II) Your Website and/ or E-mail:
III) Your creative idea for the blank "thought bubble" 
(in Bahasa Malaysia/ English):

< OPEN TO ALL- Local & Abroad >

A few nice, SURPRISE gifts for 5 WINNERS!!!
Will announce about the prizes a bit later, k?

End of January 2012.

In the meantime, just give it a thought... hehehe.. this is really just for fun. No pressure.
Who knows, you could be LUCKY..?


Anonymous said...

"Oooops! Looks like I've weaved myself into the peephole!"


DoodleDesign said...

kekekee... a good one, codex :D

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

wow .. =)

mizzyN said...

Orait nanti i masuk. See this post later.

artventurekids said...

Ahhhh.... now I can poop without U spying on me!!


DoodleDesign said...

cekbolat-bolat > hi! timakaseh dtg jengok!

mizzyN > Orait! no problemo :)

artventurekids > oh gosh! that's smelly funny- hahahahaaaa.

mrs irmidrza to be said...

awesome..lobve this!! nak join gak..huhu..nway..salam kenal..miza here..folo u dear...folo me back..=)

BlackPumpkin said...

"Home, Sweet Home!!" :))
Love the photos!!

Diana Evans said...

home is where the heart is!!!!oh what a cool collection of photos!!!!

Ildiko said...

... i think i'm gonna get used with them least there'll be somebody to watch out for the babies when i'm out...

lovely neighbor!

F.H.'s said...

I) Your Name: Fairuz Hamizah

II) Your Website and/ or E-mail:

III) Your creative idea for the blank "thought bubble" :

Alright... I don't care anymore. I am an artist. Yahooooo! Keep spying on me!

KimiChee said...


I choose to write in English.
Idea- Hey, stop spying and find me a TV, laptop with WiFi, and a comfortable sofa! Oh,ice blended too ya! *serious face*


feza said...

wah.. sgt2 menakjubkan. burung kelicap bina sarang depan mata.. comel2

Anonymous said...

Name: Noor Shahida Rosli

Website and/ or E-mail:

Creative idea for the blank "thought bubble": Ouuhhh...i can feel the eggs coming out..the 1st egg...2nd...3rd.....annnnddd finally the 4th i wonder..will my eggs safe in this nest while those people keep spying on me.... >_<

Anonymous said...

"Humhh... I wish my hubby were here!!"


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