Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sweet & Happy Couple!

I know...
it's been quite a while.
But I know from time to time, some people still drop by and leave their marks as "followers"... if not leaving some comments to cheer up my days... which I can't thank you enough.

Just need a lot of rest due to this pregnancy (Thanks to my baby :).
- almost 4 months now. Phew!

But I really, really want to thank this client of mine too- for patiently waiting for her order (it took me quite a while to do it ). May Allah bless.. BOTH of you... with happiness in life and beyond, June.

Take care.



farahD said...

wahh akhirnya my friend dpt u pregnant ke? wahh congrats dear !

DoodleDesign said...

faraaahh... thanks! all the best 2 u. nk makan ns minyak farah bila agak2nya? hihi

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