Thursday, April 14, 2011

Contest Ends Tomorrow @ 12 midnite!

Updating as it almost over..

My little birdie would like to say something:

Wow! Really?
But NOT only the winner will get a limited edition of DoodleDesign's EcoBag... there's more!

Here's a closer look at the items plus a B&W free caricature (not in picture below) :D

Here's what we have so far... :)

1) codex : JUMPY
2) Anak Cik Mendan: WINKY
3) Reena: Azim- HONEY GUIDE 
               Azlan- TWEETER
4) Toyolkiut: BRID-BRID
5) Chilly~: CIP-CIP
6) Kalerpalette: BIRDY GAGA @ gaga
7) Liza A.: JUJI
8) ArtVentureKids: KUNTA KINTE
9) Aly: CICI
10) Cre8tiveQueen: MANGO 
11) Kakaloika: CHIKEBOO @ chick2
12) Chici: FLIPPY
13) SomethingSweet: ROMEO / JULIET/ APRIL

Hehehe... I really enjoy looking at these names.. but at the end, it'll be up to my lil' birdie to choose her own name! teeheehee..

Well, there's still chance  for anyone interested.. to ENTER this Fun Contest. You may comment under this updated post if you want to.

Another 1 more day to go...!!

Come & Join NOW :)


Liza A. said...

...I'm not very good in finding nice names but I like to suggest Juji :)

toyolkiut said...

lumayan nye..
siapa la yg bertuah tu..

DoodleDesign said...

Hey, Juji is nice too whaat :) Thanks liza.

TK.. kita lihat siapa yang menaaang :D

artventurekids said...

I can't think of anything else but "kunta kinte" coz the background song remind me of africa.. hehe.. too long though!

DoodleDesign said...

hahaa.. adooii.. tersembur jap kopi dari mulutku, ninja ooii.
kuntakinte pun kuntakinte laa.

Cre8tiveQueen said...

Hi! I guess I would name the bird in the video Mango.. if I was naming the bird on the bag or in the illustration I would say skittles... cause they are so colorful and fun! Thanks for the opportunity to to win! I love your style of illustration! =)
Thanks for the email!
Have a great day!

DoodleDesign said...

Thanks Cr8tiveQueen! Oh, btw.. the name was just for the bird in video.. hihi.. BUt "skittles" for the one on the bag is fine too :)

kakaloika said...

et..i da post nma tuk birdie u kt post u dated 1 april 2011..hope u'll check dat post..hehe..:)


DoodleDesign said...

alrite dear nurul:)

chichi said...

ET..nk join..hehe

nk bg nma FLIPPY cuz burg kn flip2 sayap dia..hoho..saje nk meriahkn kontest ET..hehe..:)

SomethingSweet said...

Hi nak try walaupun dh April 15th.

Is Your birdie Male or female?

If Male I think of Romeo.

If Female I think of Juliet or April.


DoodleDesign said...

hi Chichi & SomethingSweet! So much thanks for joining- mmg menambah meriah :D

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