Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cathy the Caterpillar Card.

A couple of days ago, I made a special Birthday Card for my friend's 3 years old daughter. I thought.. maybe I should share the steps to make it because it's simple and quite an interesting project to make when you're in crafting mood :)..

I call it Cathy the Caterpillar because it IS a caterpillar card! Small.. long.. and cute!

First, find a strip of paper. I had a strip of a watercolor paper left-over which was just great for this little project.

The lenght is up to you. We want to make an accordion out of it... so, if one square of accordion is 6cm x 6cm.. and the wordings you want on its body has 9 letters plus 1 for the head- then the calculation should be 6cm x 10= 60cm (as in my case, here).

Next, fold the strip in accordion folds..

Then, draw an almost half circle shape (or a straight line- the point is, not to make the caterpillar looks too squarish!) at each corner of the square and cut through the layers using a craft knife...

Now, you can write the wordings you've decided on the caterpillar's body.. and if you want to use watercolor, you can use Art Masking Fluid to write the letters ..

..and then mix some cheerful colors on the body!

When the colors are dried, you can peel off the mask to reveal the protected paper underneath.

Afterwards, you can decorate the face and the body! I just made some simple 'dots' because I didn't have so much time that day.

On the other side of the paper, you can write some wishes and what nots :)

TADAAA..!! Now Cathy is ready to meet her new keeper... with a gift!

The fun thing is.. this is not just a card. I mean, if the girl has her own room, she can stick Cathy up on her bedroom's door! Cool huh?

Well, instead of writing a 'name' on its body, you can also just paint some stripes and patterns.. these will look nice too! Just have some fun with Cathy with your own creative ways.



toyolkiut said...

payah jg step nk buat..
klau TK la, mmg tak jadi la..


toyolkiut said...

ops lupa..
email TK:

dthaase said...

I love this - wonderful addition to the whimsy this week

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