Friday, April 22, 2011

Doodled a Header for AyuJamal

I never thought I could offer a service for designing a Blog Headers or Badges and stuff before.. hihi.
But I guess, I can now.

If you've browsed much of my creations.. most of them are hand-drawn and painted. Yes, I am also a freelance Graphic Designer.. and have designed quite a lot of company logos.. corporate identities.. flyers.. brochures..etc.. over the years. However, I still treasure the pain of 'traditional' methods of pencil and paper. Ol'school as I may be.. I know many still appreciate it too :).

Ayu Jamal from has become my very first client to adorn my art&design works for her blog. She liked what I did for my header and so she contacted me for a more 'personal' outlook for her header.. of course, with her own caricature in it! After going back and forth with my design proposals.. she finally approved and already put 'em up at her site. Yay!

If you want a great looking body like AyuJamal here.. pewwiiittt!.. please go to her site and buy Premium Beautiful from her. (U.. I can get commission or not for this..?haha).

Enjoyyy.. the weekend is near.

P/S: The fonts for AYUJAMAL was hand-drawn too..


dona::rose said...

creatively drawn!
Love it :)
I wish I had the ability to draw.

ayujamal said...

ET..opkos la buleh...special lagitau untuk u..he he

apa2 helo helo ayu k

DoodleDesign said...

Dona dear.. thanks! But if you really think about it, everybody can draw! Practice can make you a better 'drawer'! heeee..

Ayu.. iyer ker? yay!!!

toyolkiut said...

mmg kelasss gitu..

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