Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Royal Love is in the Air..

Just a quick sketch one night.. while watching one after another.. documentaries about the Kings and Queens, about the Royal Couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton on ASTRO. Wow, they really make a big deal of this wedding, huh? Kate invited me for her wedding.. but I said.., "Aah.. too far, my dear. Enjoy the Wedding, ok? Send my warmest regards to William." (hmm... yeah..ok..perhaps that was just my imagination.. heh.

Sadly, all these only bring back memories of  the late Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. When I was a kid, I always asked my dad to cut my hair like her. So, every time I cut my hair.. until now.. I'll think of her.

Gotta love her hair...
Anyway.. all of us.. all over the world.. are going to witness another historical fairytale wedding on the 29th April 2011. Let's wish that this lovely Royal Couple will live happily ever after. 

But let's be realistic. Is there such a thing as fairytale ending..? Well.. we can only but hope for the best.. :), right?


syieranuar said...

pretty sketch! oh my u indeed have creative hands! :)

and yes, am glued to the tv too.hahaha.

DoodleDesign said...

U too? hehehe.. Well, it's not everyday that we got to see the British Royalty get married, huh?
Thanks Syieraa..

Anonymous said...

Hi Baby,

the royal wedding calls for a spoof!


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