Saturday, April 16, 2011

The End of My April Contest!

Yes, the April Contest has already ended.. BUT God Willing, I'll have another GIVE-Art-WAY later this year.. :). Sometimes, I just make contest or giveaways for no apparent reason.. hhihii. So, bear with me.

I can't stop smiling as I'm looking at the creative and fun names submitted! My birdie is singing happily too!

This is just my quick update for weekend. I'm not announcing the Winner just yet.. My birdie is having a hard time choosing her own name because they are all so good! Ermm.. maybe tomorrow she'll make up her mind.

Stay tuned dear contestants.. in the meanwhile, have a great weekend, ya!

1) codex : JUMPY
2) Anak Cik Mendan: WINKY
3) Reena: Azim- HONEY GUIDE 
               Azlan- TWEETER
4) Toyolkiut: BRID-BRID
5) Chilly~: CIP-CIP
6) Kalerpalette: BIRDY GAGA @ gaga
7) Liza A.: JUJI
8) ArtVentureKids: KUNTA KINTE
9) Aly: CICI
10) Cre8tiveQueen: MANGO 
11) Kakaloika: CHIKEBOO @ chick2
12) Chici: FLIPPY
13) SomethingSweet: ROMEO / JULIET/ APRIL


Anonymous said...

dah terlepas hu

ET. i ada email et

ayujamal said...

dah terlepas hu

ET. i ada email et

toyolkiut said...

akan dtg ada kontes lg?

kakaloika said...

toyolkiut nk join lgi ke?
i pon maw join gak la..hehe..

Anonymous said...

Hi Baby,

interestingly, I lost again.
Getting very good at it now,
the losing part I mean.

When's the next contest?

@ sore loser

DoodleDesign said...

Join lagi k...?
tapi tak tau lagi biler.. hihii.

Codex, pls don't give up. haa!

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