Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Mug Spilled with Luv..

A sweet client of mine, all the way from Perak...ordered a thoughtful b-day gift for her special one :)

First, I doodled the mug with black ink.. She wanted some coffee beans spilling out from a bag with little-little hearts and a piece of photo. In the photo, she wanted me to draw a cute girl.. huuuu..

So, after my black & white doodle was approved, I colored with Pelikan Plaka-Lack. This color was supposedly suitable for any kind of surfaces. But just to make sure the colors won't smudge, I lacquered the whole painting on the mug!

I'm hoping my client will receive it safe & sound... and with a big smile!


Anak Cik Mendan said...


DoodleDesign said...

TQ dear!

toyolkiut said...

comel nya..
brapa harga setiap satu?

Kasihnya Cinta said...

Dear ET; can I have your e-mail? I want to ask something =D


DoodleDesign said...

KC dearie.. my email is :)

Kasihnya Cinta said...

I e-mailed you =D

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