Monday, April 18, 2011

"Name The Bird" Contest Winner!!

Sorry if I keep everyone waiting..

A lil' bit busy during the weekend.. but anyway, here's my lil' birdie.. ready to announce her 'chosen' name:

OMG! She's already sporting Lady Gaga's Orbit Hat!!!

So, the Grand Prize is going to Kalerpalette!! Thank you for the Fun and Creative name for my lil' silly birdie. Please contact me to claim your Prize. hihii.. I think Birdy Gaga and I are going to have some fun with the given name (as shown in hat above).

To other contestants, I can't say thank you enough for your participation.. for taking the time to think about the name :). For each of you who has a blog/ blogs... I'd like to give an exclusive BUTTON made just for you ! So, I'll be sending a good soft-copy button ready for use via email. If you didn't give your email address, please get in touch with me, ok? If I can find you email, I'll send it personally to you. If you don't have a blog, just keep it as a sweet token from and you can use it anywhere you like!

Last but not least, again we would to thank you for your kind participation.

Always on the lookout because DoodleDesign will have more contest or GIVE-Art-WAY later this year.



toyolkiut said...

peminat lady gaga rupenya..

TK setuju, mmg layak pun..

DoodleDesign said...

timakaseh TK..
nnt insyaAllah ada GA lagi, ada peluang lagi :D
eh, TK nye email apa ek?

Anak Cik Mendan said...

hye. my email tq ET.. btw, nice name for the birdy. gaggaga! XD

kalerpalette said...

COULDNT BE HAPPIER!! THANK YOU SO MUCH SIS!! I wish one day Birdy Gaga will get some kids and name her kids..little gagas..gigis oso can..hehehe..thankss againn..

artventurekids said...

congrats to the nama tu. Hehe.. thanks 4 the button ET!

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